Letters for Saturday, June 24, 2017

• Get planet back in balance • Conservatives the cause of this country’s problems

Get planet back in balance

The recent news that residents on the Westside find themselves having to ​sue DLNR and Syngenta to get them to comply with the law is disheartening.

It is general knowledge that herbicides and pesticides have a negative impact on our natural environment. It is a shame that profit-driven enterprises “believe” they can better our earth’s 4.5 billion years of harmonic evolution with better plants/food development.

We understand the very real concerns of the people of Kekaha. It is time to get back in balance with our planet. It is time for big chemical/agriculture corporations to make a choice between profits and what ultimately gives all of us life: Clean air to breath, fresh water to drink, soil to sow seeds in and a planet to dream on.

We simply ask our government-run agencies, and the chemical/agriculture industries, to make the right choice.

We, at the BeeTeam,​ did!

R. Forster, Kauaibeeteam.com

Conservatives the cause of this country’s problems

Kimo, in response to your June 20 letter, please understand the following: for the past 30 years, conservatives have waged awar against common decency and civility through their “anti-PC” campaign. All the while, they painted themselves as the“morals” party.

They have fought for the right, despite generations of previous socialization and acculturation, to say whatever is in theirhead even if (or especially) it offends everyone around them, or serves to deny certain people of their unalienable rights.

They have fought for the right to do things like create effigies of Obama hanging from a noose.

They have fought for the right of people like Ted Nugent to say things like Obama should “suck on his machine gun.”

Domestic terrorism in this country has been a problem in this country for many years, bolstered by our inability to doanything to curb gun violence because conservative have taken hostage of that issue preventing dialogue.

All we hear is that these people are “mentally ill,” and no reflection on some greater whole. No, they are domestic terrorists.They were enabled by all of the “anti-PC” hate speech and a glut of weaponry. Now that they have control, conservatives wantthe genie put back in the bottle. Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy.

They should look in the mirror for the problem. Don’t ask for the violence to stop if you aren’t first willing to stop the violenceyou yourselves are perpetrating and enabling. Open Pandora’s box, expect chaos.

Michael Mann, Lihue


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