Letters for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

• Inaction from county leading to increasing traffic problems • Kauai is good as is

Inaction from county leading to increasing traffic problems

One of the biggest problems facing Kauai is traffic — locals, tourist unanimously agree. And yet, no one in authority wants to address this problem — ignore it and it will just disappear!

From my years of experience working for the state Department of Transportation, there are only two practical, realistic ways of solving this problem. Adding more lanes to widen them and build other alternate roads, using our cane haul roads to do this.

As has been said before, the contraflow is working by basically adding another lane and the Kapaa bypass (an alternate route) is alleviating traffic. These are two proven examples of projects that work and should be expanded.

Those who run our government have pushed their agendas for more buses, more bikes and more walking, great sound bites but with no factorial proof that here on Kauai they will work. Their dream world theories are predicated on the idea that people will abandon their vehicles to make it work — another myth.

There are 90,000 licensed motor vehicles registered on Kauai and there is no factual proof that any of them will ever get rid of their vehicle and use any alternate means of transportation. By the county’s own statistics, by the year 2030 80 percent or more or the driving public will still use their vehicles. People, locals like me and tourists who rent cars, will use the vehicle to go where they want and when they want to go.

No study or pilot program has ever been done to see what positive or negative results these bike lanes have on transportation and traffic. All one has to do is observe the empty bike lanes along our roads and look at the vehicles in front and behind them and they will have their answer.

Yes, there are a few people who use bikes for recreational purposes but not for going to work, shopping or emergency situations. Without their own space to bike, vehicles and bikes do not mix as the poor young lady biking by St Catherine’s church found out when she was severely injured when a vehicle hit her.

In fact, these bike lanes are narrowing our driving lanes, which only exasperates our traffic problem.

What frustrates me is to know that those we elect are part of and can certainly see the same problems we encounter each day but they do nothing while we dig ourselves deeper and deeper in a hole. Must we wait until our roads are one big parking lot before we take action, action I have mentioned above?

This is one island, the island I was born and raised on and our county and state needs to coordinate all efforts to improve vehicular transportation and not point the finger back and forth with accusations at it being the others problem.

Joe Rosa, Lihue

Kauai is good as is

To all of Kauai, We have been honored to be guests on Kauai for seven visits, six in the past 5 years. We love and appreciatewhat Kauai stands for. We just returned from a trip to Maui, for a wedding and wanted the decision makers on Kauai to knowhow much more we appreciate Kauai now.

Please do not let Kauai become Maui. We love the slow pace, even if it means sitting in traffic. We love that there are not anyhigh-rise buildings. We love the lack of crowds. Kauai does an amazing job and also providing necessary services, ie:restroom facilities and trash cans.

Something that was not on Maui. We love that Kauai lives aloha. Please please please keep that in mind for your futuredecisions. I have read talk of wanting to limit tourists by not allowing rental cars, yet the next article talks about a new resortbeing approved. Makes no sense to me. Please limit resorts, etc., so Kauai stays Kauai, all that we love.

A part of my soul belongs to Kauai and has for over 14 years. As a guest on your island I just wanted you to know how much Ilove Kauai, just the way it is. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Elizabeth Gray, Indianapolis


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