Letters for Wednesday, June 14, 2017

• Sharing brother’s aloha poem for Kauai • Kauai not the same place anymore

Sharing brother’s aloha poem for Kauai

My brother was in the Navy stationed in Hawaii back in 1977 and he fell in love with Kauai. He wrote a poem about Kauai and I found it recently while going through his writings. He passed away last year. I am hoping you can publish his writing.

Goodbye Kauai

I lived my dreams with you

Your winds were there to comfort me

Your waves they teased and spoke to me

You brought your rains when I was dry

And with a tear in my eye I say goodbye Kauai

Today I know that I must be on my way

And though I go I know that my heart will stay

I’ve seen Hanalei and I know Hanakoa

Your lure was so strong but I couldn’t hold you Kauai


I remember the smell of Penaroza Market

Hara Krishna on Sunday, Kapaa enchanted

The blessings for many drawn from your bosom

And I wish I would stay to dwell evermore

But all I can do is to say nevermore

Goodbye to Kauai

R. Colyn — 1977

Toni Josey, Honolulu

Kauai not the same place anymore

Aloha Kauai. I just heard over C-SPAN that PMRF is in line to be the top choice via D.C., and to build the might via warring and killing machines known to compromise mammals. This is going to start an inundation of that negative, brutal way. I believe PMRF must offer us an explanation, at the least an EIS, where, they surrounded by all five agribiz corporations and now federal military corporate is in our very hood, flexing their muscles while at the same time instigating a reaction we don’t need.

Over the past several Forum letter weeks, there have been some memories shared comments, “backyard music” kanikapila, sorely missed.

Other comments on a truck that appears racist with comments about Haole and one letter writer, who grumbled about this truck as well as another who actually approached to find out what “it” was all about.

That inquiry and responses are absolutely similar to what my truck says: #Boycott America, no treaty, no jurisdiction, no titles. Bullies-terrorists say otherwise.

We are trying to share what is truth. We are not unapproachable and we beg to be heard. We have all done extensive due diligence research and have stuck to our platform embracing the lahui with truth and integrity.

This place is no longer Kauai. It is unrecognizable, totally Americanized, Lihue resembles San Buena Ventura, California, bike path and 101, synonymous with our bike path and 101 Kuhio Highway.

It is all too much, the ambiance has died and aloha prevails underground for the time being. Miracles happen every day and ours is about to be realized by ending 06/2017.

It’s all about kuleana-Zuckerberg, Mauna Kea vs international mogul, and Coco Palms vs state of Hawaii.

Clearly, the next court documents, hearings and judges presentation will completely be vindicated, truth and integrity, that we have asserted. June 28, 2017 begins a different reality. No violence. Kapu aloha. Defendant warriors that are steady. Ke Akua pu.

Debra Kekaualua, Wailuanuiahoano


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