Letters for Saturday, May 27, 2017

• Both sides presented; heed this philosopher • Queen Liliuokalani trusted in a higher power

Both sides presented; heed this philosopher

Once again I would like to thank the editors for the Forum in the Monday, May 15 issue. Roger’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette cartoon of our statue of Liberty wading back to France, torch in hand. “…. A ZENOPHOBIC NATIONALIST BULLY!”, the American couple watching cry out about our man (I use the term loosely) in the White House and to which I agree.

To the Donald admirers, a thought: I think the editors of TGI are doing a great job presenting both sides of this terrible issue in the news and in the Forum. It’s called freedom of the press.

And now, please, a bit of plagiarism. Forgive me Dr. Lamont: “… the fierce philosophy produced by this damaged human, becomes a stimulus and inspiration for his admirers. His Will to Power is equated to the Will to Dominate the World. Stressing a biological superiority and right of a master race to rule humankind, by his lies and turbulent outpourings, portends a frightening culmination of what our great nation is…”

Stolen from the book, “The Philosophy of Humanism” by Corliss Lamont. My favorite philosopher, Dr. Lamont graduated from Harvard magna cum laude and did graduate work at Oxford, where he received his doctorate in philosophy. Give it a read. Please.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

Queen Liliuokalani trusted in a higher power

If Kamehameha’s reign and Hawaiians’ blood quantum is the basis for Hawaii’s sovereignty then it’s: “Game over!”

Kamehameha established “he with the best weapons and most power rules.” The United States threatened Hawaii with physical force continuing that protocol of “might makes right.”

Blood quantum limits are arbitrary and capricious, causing dissension, disunity and uncertain futures.

Passionate about Hawaii’s independence, David Malo influenced the constitution: “God must be our aid, for it is His province alone to give perfect protection and prosperity.” Recognizing that mankind needs divine guidance, intervention and restoration.

God restores! His way includes food, fun and thankful hearts. One Bible example is when King Josiah expunged the nation of what’s not “in consistency with the general spirit of God’s law” (Hawaiian Constitution) and then established what is. An annual celebration acknowledging God’s deliverance ensued like never before.

Betrayed Queen Liliuokalani responded to the unjust overthrow by trusting God’s righteous reputation. Appealing to the “Highest’s” court (without statutes of limitations) she wrote “To the Almighty Ruler of the universe, I commit my cause.”

“On the night He was betrayed” Jesus established “the new covenant between God and his people—an agreement confirmed with blood.” Jesus’ blood quantum is the game changer!

Michele Lincoln, Lahaina


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