America’s biggest problem isn’t Trump

I think Kimo Rosen’s letter was more a tongue-in-cheek solution to the border wall. Some of you folks take every little thing and get your boxers in a wad just like the news outlets do. This hysteria over anything Trump is growing REAL old.

Kimo doesn’t mention keeping out Mexicans, either. He mentions a border between Mexico and the USA where people cross from around the world to get into the USA. No, illegals just don’t all live in border towns, illegals do travel about the country. I guess some of the readers rebutting Kimo’s letter don’t realize that many countries are scrambling to build walls and fences to keep out the influx of refugees in their countries. They cannot handle the amount of people coming in and the nationals are getting angry.

These “people” are creating huge problems in the countries that are taking them in. Plus they are not assimilating into the societies they are entering. They really don’t want anything to do with Western culture. So ask yourself, why aren’t these people wanting to migrate to like countries where they have the same customs and values and can communicate? People all talk about how we are all immigrants. Immigration now is not like it was when our great-grandparents came into this country. Far from it. No comparison. We live in a dangerous world now.

Everyone is belly-aching about how much the wall will cost. Like you all know how much is spent for the various government agencies or stupid studies they waste money on. Like for instance, $74 billion was spent for food stamps, which is a 45 percent increase since Obama took office. Food stamps are not a bad thing, but why is it going up? Perhaps because there are no jobs. Or perhaps we have too many immigrants that we have to spend money to feed all these people with no skills to work.

Or how about the USDA once gave researchers at the University of New Hampshire $700,000 to study methane gas emissions from dairy cows. Or the federal government spending $25 billion a year maintaining federal buildings that are either unused or totally vacant. Or the U.S. military spending $998,798 shipping two, 19-cent washers from South Carolina to Texas and $293,451 sending an 89-cent washer from South Carolina to Florida. Oh, I can go on and on how much money the government wastes.

The point is, the U.S. government squanders our tax dollars on hundreds of stupid things. And you all are complaining about “Trump’s wall” like it is the most stupid idea for stopping illegals and illegal drugs.

Sure, you can tunnel under a wall. But that takes a little more doing and gives our border patrol a little more time to catch.

Yep, there is always the water and planes that bring people in that overstay their visas. But that is being addressed as well.

What I don’t get it why people are opposed to keeping illegals out and having them not come in legally. Here in Mexico (where we currently reside), you cannot believe the amount of paperwork you need to apply for a temporary or permanent visa. You have to show you make a certain amount of money each month, show two years of tax returns, show a substantial amount of assets. And then you are not given a chance to work here unless you are hired by a Mexican company or you plan to open a business that uses Mexican citizens for work. They do not want you here to take jobs away from the Mexican people, meaning you have to contribute to the economy and pay taxes. And in some areas, you can never own the land you buy a house on. It is held in trust by a Mexican bank.

Mexico protects its citizens. And they have high tariffs for goods coming into Mexico because they want you to buy goods from Mexico. We in the USA do not do these things. In the States, many of our hard-earned taxes go to illegals and to refugees and wasteful government spending. If I am going to hand over so much of all the taxes I pay, I want it to benefit Americans and Americans in need of help.

So I am for the stop of illegal immigration because I see it as a plus for American workers. I am for America first. I am for stopping the waste in government spending. The good old boys in Washington are worried that their pockets will not be lined anymore because Trump is president. Trump is crazy. But like a fox. He knows business and, yes, failed in some. That is life and we are all in that same boat. He defeated 16 seasoned politicians and beat the Clinton dynasty despite all the crooked attempts to stop him. Let him do his job, then complain later if he didn’t do the job.


Carrie Eckert is a former Kapaa resident who now lives in Mexico and California.


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