Letter for Saturday, May 20, 2017

• Police chief didn’t get it right

Police chief didn’t get it right

The other day our illustrious police chief had some real words of wisdom to spread around regarding the jump in firearms sales here on Kauai. He argued the point of Mr. Bryant, stating the real reason for the increase in sales was “individual choice — pure and simple” — and then asked that false narratives and the like not complicate matters or alarm the public.

That kind of condescending talk from a public employee really upsets me! The gall of that guy willingly and wanting to mask/hide the probable real truth is yet another example of what has gone wrong in America. God forbid we have a rational discussion about anything or dare to bring up an opposing view. We’ll be told not to alarm the public, or some other yellow slogan of the left.

What Chief Perry intentionally neglected to mention was the following.

The state of Hawaii has decided/opted to become a sanctuary city/state. Yes that’s right. Those oh so important socialists in Honolulu have indeed decided that for all of us! The very same collection of fools that spent $10 billion on a stupid train.

To show the level of incompetence these fools display, the silly train idea started at something like $1.5 billion. Have these people no conscience? I refuse to believe there isn’t some big time graft/out-right-theft going on. If we had all the real facts and if someone with the knowledge of things would be so bold as to speak out, I bet our heads would spin if we knew the half of what is going on.

Anyway, it’s this collection of knuckleheads that decided for all of us that any creep, worldwide, is more than welcome to come and pillage our citizenry.

One very over-reaching power hungry leftist judge in Hawaii, Judge Derrick Watson, has blocked President Trump’s travel ban. This particular fool states that the law or executive order would discriminate against Muslims and tourists. In other words, he has decided all by himself, that there are no facts supporting President Trump’s travel ban.

The judge of self import has thrown out all logic and facts as to the origin of these murderous terrorists throughout the world. How this ban would negatively affect tourism here in America, let alone in Hawaii, is beyond me. I’ve been here for 15 years now and have yet run into an Afghani person or a Saudi or whomever else our well-trained professional security agencies in America have warned us against.

Lastly, this surge in gun purchases probably coincides with the last election cycle. I’ll bet research unveils a jump prior to the election as we were all told by the ever so intelligent left wing press that Hillary was a shoe-in. Remember that, all the crying on live TV in November? Goodness, did the masks fall off that night.

Anyone who was unsure of the politics of America’s press corps prior to election night isn’t unsure any longer. Anyone with an ounce of sense, who desired legal ownership of a gun knew the time was about up. Benghazi Clinton was well on her way to forever taking the Second Amendment away from all of us. We were very close and surely there were millions of Americans who rushed to the store to legally purchase a firearm before it was too late.

I believe these to be the facts or at least a hell of a lot closer to the truth than that gibberish Chief Perry wrote. I, for one, hope he gets that job in Honolulu. They all deserve each other.

John Dreisch, Kapaa


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