’S’ a path to our inner harp

Each letter of the alphabet has its own picture symbol revealing its meaning and qualities that are the potential and possibilities of each person.

An ancient picture expressing the archetypal nature of the letter ‘Ss’ is a feminine figure playing a three-stringed harp. The imagery of the harp represents your achieving complete harmony of your mind and body with that of your Spirit. Like a beautiful sounding harp, all the octaves of your nature are then in harmony and in resonance with one another. The letter ‘Ss’ also reminds you that just as each harp has its own particular quality and sound, so do you have a particular sound quality, a keynote that sustains you in perfect harmony while experiencing on the earth.

The teachings of the letter ‘Ss’ are expansive and hopeful as revealed in the prophetic reminder: once you have attained such a complete state of harmony, you have closed the door to the world where health problems, poverty, aging, and mortality prevail. Now you have gained the power to open the door to experiencing harmonic wholeness, abundance, and immortality.

The archetype of the letter ‘Ss’ emphasizes that the potential of a ‘heaven on earth’ is only possible when wisdom and authentic love are engaged in defining your self-leadership responsibilities. This wisdom and love is represented by the feminine figure playing the three-stringed harp.

The cursive design of the letter ‘Ss’, as illustrated in the Living Alphabet, resembles a swan gracefully moving with balance across the waters of life. Gracefulness, balance, along with an underlying joy are all attributes of the letter ‘Ss’. These desirable qualities are to be activated within you and to become your own identity.

The natural state of a developed heart is balance and harmony. Here, also, the imagery of three-stringed harp applies. Your heart emits its own sound quality when its threefold expression of will, wisdom, and intelligence are in complete harmony unified through the power of authentic love.

The letter ‘Ss’, like all the letters before it, are symbolic reminders of a potential joy-filled destiny. This truth applies to all people of all nations. When this happens, there will be a grand world symphony, the unified music of the three-stringed harp.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for the Garden Island and maintains a website at http://ourlivingalphabet.com She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com


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