Letters for Thursday, March 30, 2017

• Boycott of Hawaii would not be a loss of tourism • Despite boycott threat, Hawaii welcomes all

Boycott of Hawaii would not be a loss of tourism

I read a TGI article concerning a possible “Boycott Hawaii” push, compliments of those who do not appreciate Judge Watson’s ruling on the travel ban in addition to the U.S. Constitution.

To the people who live and work in our beautiful state, I say no worries. True, 25 percent of Hawaii’s economy does depend on tourism, but please consider the presidential election, then divide this 25 percent equally and you have a potential solid 12.5 percent loss.

Next, consider those whom have come to their senses regarding their vote for President Trump. You have a 6.25 percent tourism loss, but let’s even make it a more conservative 9.375 percent tourism loss. Now consider this 9.375 percent loss and the people it is comprised of, also remembering how Hawaii is considered a “melting pot” of races and nationalities.

That said, I submit the remaining 9.375 percent “loss,” whether that 9.375 percent are aware of it or not, are of the alt-right “persuasion” therefore repulsed by the “melting pot” aspects of our Hawaii. What I am saying is one cannot boycott Hawaii if one, virtually, has never vacationed in Hawaii and to that 9.375 percent I say, and I am sure I speak for many, mahalo and please continue your form of boycotting our state.

Hawaii would suffer no discernible loss of tourism by a boycott of this nature, considering the mindset and lack of aloha of those promoting such. If anything, their presence in our state would harm its tourism industry in and by itself.

Christopher Schaefer, Kapaa

Despite boycott threat, Hawaii welcomes all

Dear Judge Watson, Please hold your ground. I’ll bet 90 percent of the people in Hawaii support your decision. Has anyone else noticed The Donald supporters almost always use threats?

Maybe they’re just following their leader. Hawaii is such a magnificently diverse state. We welcome every person of every color, religion, and race. Every person of every social and economic standing.

We are, I think, the poster child of American love, respect, tolerance, generosity and joy. The true heart and soul of America.

I’m sure there will be blowback. We’ll end up with more visitors than usual — from everywhere — and welcome them with open arms.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo


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