Letters for Saturday, March 18, 2017

• Pesticide issue is very far from being resolved • Human genetic technology raises student’s concerns

Pesticide issue is very far from being resolved

Interesting, “Pesticide Disclosure Bill nixed.”

Rep. Dee Morikawa complaining about our concerns because according to her, this problem has already been resolved. Really? Went on Good Neighbor Program site and found nothing disclosing anything. There is no disclosing what, when and where these poisons are being sprayed.

Back in 2013 our representatives put together a tiny little requirement for the agri businesses that they had to have a 100-foot buffer zone from schools, medical facilities, and residences. Oh, and they had to follow the directions on pesticide labels. Give me a break!

One hundred feet in tradewinds is nothing. For Morikawa to say this has already been taken care of in ludicrous. And what about the other 24 senators in Oahu elected to represent the people, not businesses? Sitting on their hands collecting paychecks doing nothing to help protect their very own people, land and water? Disgraceful!

The five pesticide companies on the Westside are not growing food to feed the world. They are experimenting at our expense of lives, land and water with some of the most toxic chemicals known to man. How anyone can sit idly by and watch this take place is beyond me.

The very people we have elected to protect us have failed us. The obvious greed is sickening. What part of poison is not good for living things do they not understand? Especially the RUPs (restricted use pesticides) that other intelligent countries have banned.

The laws of democracy are supposed to protect the population first and only then business.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Human genetic technology raises student’s concerns

I am writing to express my concern about the current status of genetic technology. Nowadays, scientists are alternating the human genetic code and possibly cloning humans. My concern is that genetic technology leads to corruption and abuse of people’s genetic structure.

This would mean changing of their physical characteristics, genetically creating their own baby, and especially diminishing society’s diversity. Genetic technology will diminish this belief and create an abuse of technology. People will either abuse changing their genes and eventually change society.

The top concerns of genetic technology are scientists experimenting with human genes and the possibility of cloning humans. Cloning may seem appealing, but there are other consequential factors.

One factor is cloning would require a significant amount of eggs from females and demand more care for the fetal clones.

Another factor is that it decreases the need of men for reproduction and causes an elimination of the male-female ratio. The last and most significant factor is it will destroy the genetic diversity within society.

With cloning, people will no longer feel the sense of identity due to the mirror-image of themselves. Cloning will only leave a despairing and bleak mark on society and will diminish the radiating colors of diversity.

I urge society to become well aware with the future of genetic technology. Genetic technology generates a whole new level of alternating the human race. It views a person’s gene code and creates a whole new person. It develops possible human cloning, a consequence to the diversity within society. It involves animal cloning, which is destroying the animal population instead of helping it. Genetic technology is an ongoing future, but will it be a discovery destined to end?

BreeAnn Cayaban, Waimea High School student


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