Prime minister kills the girl

K-drama star Hyun Bin (“Secret Garden,” “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” and “The Fatal Encounter”) is in the latest action packed film that was just released this past Friday at Consolidated Theatres Pearlridge. Directed by Sung Hoon Kim and produced by Je-kyoon Yoon, this covert North and South operation is filled with realistic actions scenes and witty humor. Here is the synopses provided by CJ America:

North Korean detective Cheol-ryung (HYUN Bin) lost his wife and unit when his superior Cpt. Cha (KIM Joo-hyuck) betrayed him in order to steal engraving plates that print U.S. counterfeit bills.

He joins a delegation to South Korea after learning that Cha has defected there. South Korean detective Kang (YOO Hai-jin) is assigned to the covert joint investigation in order to find Cha, but he’s only told that Cha is a simple murderer and nothing more.

The South Korean Intelligence Agency believes that there is an ulterior motive behind finding Cha and asks Kang to interfere with the investigation until they can find out what’s really going on.

Upcoming Episodes:

‘Perfect Bride’

Episodes 29 & 30

Today, 6:30 p.m.: Nae-shim goes to Joong-nyun and they have a heart-to-heart talk. Joong-nyun sympathizes with Nae-shim for opening up to him. Gab-dol is frustrated that Gab-soon will not see things his way. He goes over to talk to her in person and sees her with Ha-soo.

Today, 7:45 p.m.: Geum-shik runs into Jae-soon at his rooftop home. He starts on the divorce papers, although he desperately wants to hold her back. Shi-nae is outraged to know her father invested in Da-hae’s restaurant, accusing Ki-ja of conning her father.

‘Innocent Defendant’

Episodes 2 & 3

Monday, 7:45 p.m.: Jung-woo gets suspicious of Min-ho’s death, and asks authority to verify the facts. Min-ho anxiously awaits the result, fearful that his true identity will be revealed. Joon-hyuk is assigned to Jung-woo’s family’s murder case. He faces Jung-woo as a suspect in the case.

Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Eun-hye is left in deep thought, as she reviews the crime scene footage with Jung-woo in it. She rushes over to see Joon-hyuk. Eun-hye persuades Jung-woo to go to trial. As Jung-woo returns from meeting Eun-hye, he gets nervous as he approaches security check point.

‘Saimdang, Memoir of Colors’

Episodes 3 & 4

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m.: Yi Gyum and Saimdang promise to go to Mt. Geumgang together. Yi Gyum seeks Saimdang’s father’s approval of his marriage to Saimdang. The king, curious of the lady who’s stolen Yi Gyum’s heart, heads to Bookpyung to steal a glance.

Thursday, 7:45 p.m.: After hiding the letter sent by Saimdang to Yi Gyum, Hwium-dang shows up to the meeting place instead, and goes to Unpyong Temple with Saimdang. Enraged at Saimdang’s painting, Prime Minister kills the girl who holds the painting.

‘Happy Home’

Episode 32 & 33

Friday, 7:45 p.m.: Hyun-ki is taken to the hospital unconscious. Ji-gun finds out Hyun-ki is ill. Ji-gun urges Hyun-ki to set a surgery date. Sam-bong prepares a birthday feast for Sook-nyo.

Saturday, 7:45 p.m.: Hyun-ki comes to Sook-nyo’s birthday, only to be chased away by Sam-bong. Hae-ryung tells him never to come around again. Hyun-ki begs Ji-gun to let him stay by Hae-ryung’s side for the remaining time he has left.


Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles. This column offers synopses of the dramas playing throughout Hawaii. Chung can be reached at 521-8066 or


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