Letters for Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

• Assisted suicide bill deserves support • Trump, Putin face rising tide

Assisted suicide bill deserves support

I find it ironically strange that Dr. Plumer’s article (TGI, Feb. 2) questions the validity of the bases of the assisted suicide bill before the Legislature.

He lists what he calls falsehoods in the proposed bill, yet he works for a very laudable hospice organization which is designed to assist for those patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

As I understand it, a hospice patient must agree to forgo any serious medical procedure to extend their life in order to be eligible for their services.

As an octogenarian, I see no reason why my choice of dignity in dying should be prohibited because of someone else’s perception of ethics, religion or morality. Similar bills has been in effect for more than 20 years in Oregon and other states without any great push-back controversy.

While at this point in my life, I foresee no need to opt for “assisted suicide,” I do not want Dr. Plumer to restrict me from that choice should I need it in the future.

Dr. Plumer says the choice is mine, anyway, but how does he expect me to somehow legally or otherwise amass the required drugs to do the job when and if I reach that point?

Please urge your legislators to support SB 1129.

Richard Machell, Kapaa

Trump, Putin face rising tide

Regarding President Trump and President Putin:

They cannot be blamed for thinking that bullets, torture, threats and bullying on international and corporate levels, etc., are effective. Those methods have been very effective historically.

The male model of domination by force has worked up until now and is still effectively working in many parts of the world, including Russia and the U.S.A.

But something new is happening.

There is a rising tide.

You can fire as many bullets as you want into a rising tide.

It does not stop the rising tide.

You can threaten the rising tide all you want.

A wave may seem to recede, but it comes back full force as the tide rises.

Either you adjust to the rising tide or you drown.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin are facing a global rising tide.

That tide is one of positive energy. It is aloha. And it is powerful.

Mary Mulhall, Kapaa


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