America’s second civil war has begun

People have had political differences before, but never anything of the likes of what is happening all over America.

The new civil war in America is not southern states against northern states, rather has friend against friend and family member against family member. America’s second civil war has begun. Don’t expect it to stop any time soon.

Last week, two of my friends’ posts on Facebook said they had to unfriend people they saw unfit to continue being friends with because of their energy and political beliefs. These friends are educated people with college degrees.

One left-wing friend said, “I am proud of myself because I finally just deleted four people off my friend list. Normally I am working to be extremely tolerant of other people and their views.”

Another right-wing friend said, “I’ve never unfriended or unfollowed a person but today is the last straw. I’m thinning the herd of intolerant, hateful and extreme people. To the person that unfriended me today, unfriending people won’t help you with your hate.”

I tell my friends that are experiencing all this unfriending, welcome to my world! I was hoping things would mellow after the election — they have only gotten worse and seem to be getting progressively more damaging on a daily basis.

My relatives constantly send me articles telling me what a terrible man Trump is, even after telling them please do not send me any articles. They think Kauai is a Third-World country and I do not get news here. They do not realize I have an internet connection and publish a daily blog and am a political junkie who reads numerous newspapers every day online including my favorite newspaper, The Garden Island news!

The day after President Trump took office there was a women’s protest that according to a recent guest column in The Garden Island news penned by Janos Keoni Samu included over 56 different demands or protest themes on signs, against the new American president who had been in office for less than a full day after having been elected democratically by the American voters and the electoral college. The protesters never gave the man a chance.

President Trump could find a cure for AIDS and the left would would call it a fraud and say he was only doing so for his own pocketbook. No matter what President Trump does to try and protect America he will be ridiculed every step of the way by a very angry and hysterical left that never got over losing the election.

Some say biblical prophecy is upon us and we are living in the end of times. Along with many others, I believe America is currently engaged in its second civil war and it’s called the book of Revelations and is actually happening right now.

May God bless us all!


James “Kimo” Rosen lives in Kapaa with his best friend ‘Ivanka’ Da Dog and blogs most days at


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