Words create change

Words have distinctive meanings, wisdom, knowledge and powers. They are a synthesis of the wisdom and knowledge coded within the letters that combined to create the word.

Words reveal the state of mind of the individual speaking or writing. They communicate feelings, attitudes and perceptions. Through spoken or written words, underlying intentions and motivations can be felt or experienced.

Spoken and written words form patterns that can be seen by the “inner” eye. The patterns formed depend upon the attitude of the person speaking or writing. These patterns become part of the individual’s electromagnetic field or aura and of the external environment.

When the person is of a healthy and caring nature, the patterns are clear, have artful shapes, and appear as pure defined colors. Writing and speaking with clarity, confidence and respect generate patterns that expand the electromagnetic field or aura of the individual.

The archetype of the letter “Pp” is the universal teacher on the power of words. This letter encourages you to use words that are uplifting, meaningful, inspiring, encouraging and transforming in all forms of communication, whether with yourself or with others, written or spoken.

The letter “Pp” reminds you that the words you use in speaking of others affects your heart, those to whom you speak, and those who are the topic of conversation.

Learn to speak constructively in order that supportive rays of praise or desired improvement can be received by the recipient.

From the letter “Pp” you learn that each word has its own particular ray and sound quality. Repetition of chosen words, audible or silent, intensifies the sound quality and power of the words. The intended power originating from the words can break down walls, heal hearts and restore both internal and external harmony.

In the progressive stages of evolution, the power of words becomes ever more potent. The archetype of the letter “Pp” strongly encourages you to take note of the customary words that make up your vocabulary. Only words that are of a constructive nature can support you as the momentum of subtle earth changes accelerates.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for The Garden Island and maintains a Website at http://ourlivingalphabet.com She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com.


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