Letter for Monday, Dec. 26, 2016

• It’s hard to believe the news these days

Did you hear that Donald Trump is selling Kauai to the Japanese and that Michelle Obama is really a man? Believe it or not, these stories were circulating the Internet. People believe them. People re-post them. Fake news is a problem.

Please fact check before re-posting on social media! Michelle Obama is not a man, she is a beautiful woman inside and out. Donald Trump is not even president yet and even if he was would not have the authority to sell the island of Kauai to the Japanese. Oy!

The Democrats have their spin, the Republicans have their spin, and Facebook and fake news have their spins.

Us humans like to believe what we want to believe. There are many people that like to have fun in designing fake news as a means of entertainment. Others design fake news as a means to an end to get a final result in many matters such as elections of national and local interests.

How does one know what is the truth and what is a non-truth? A Republican may stay glued to Fox News and believe everything they hear and see; by contrast a Democrat may do the same by watching MSNBC.

Before re-posting a meme or favorite news story that fits your ideology and agenda, it might be a good idea to fact check it at one of the fact-check websites. There are many fact-checking websites on the web: Snopes, NPR, Polifact and an abundance of others.

Here is an article that recommends the six best fact-checking websites. I highly recommend you refer to it when you’re in doubt or when an Internet meme or story just sounds to good to be true.

“The 2016 guide to political fact-checking on the Internet.” http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/best-fact-checking-websites/

The next time you hear that Hillary Clinton is in the sex-slave business or that Donald Trump said that Republicans are idiots and that’s why he’d run as one, make sure and fact check. If it sounds too good to post and fits your political fantasy just too perfect.

Did you hear that Donald Trump is picking James “Kimo” Rosen as his personal iPhone photographer and Blogger-in-Chief? You might just want to fact-check that one!

James “Kimo” Rosen



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