Letter for Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016

‘Sore winners’ are still defending Trump

In response to Bruce Raymond’s long rant about Hillary Clinton, I say, “Enough.”

I can’t believe we’re still having to hear this after Hillary lost the election. This is the first election where “sore winners” is already an overused phrase. It’s clear Bruce didn’t vote for her in this election. That either means he voted for Trump, he voted third party or he gave up his responsibility.

So, this means that he, and about a quarter of the country, are responsible for giving us petulant elect Trump. Thanks a bunch. I’m assuming Mr. Russell’s rant is in part because he knows what he has helped do to our country. There has been more corruption, self-dealing and national security missteps since Nov. 9 by Trump and his team than all that is alleged over Hillary’s 30-plus years of public service. “Alleged” is used on purpose here. The broad statements of “proof” he offers are nothing but talking points from sensational-based news outlets. None of the things he brings up reflect any drilling down into the details of any of the supposed “scandals.” But that doesn’t matter.

Again, your guy won. It is a shame that one does have to look far and wide for credible news sources these days. My prayer is that everyone who helped elect Trump gives him 10 percent of the scrutiny that Hillary received in this election cycle. If they do, our Republic may have a chance. Still holding my breath.

Jason Blake, Lihue


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