Letter for Nov. 30, 2016

• Trump is nothing but trouble • Kauai trash a growing problem

Trump is nothing but trouble

This letter is in response to the editorial, “On Trump and Obama’s meeting” on Nov. 15 in The Garden Island newspaper.

You only have to be one of the Americans verbally insulted or threatened by Mr. Trump to understand why there will be no unity around this soon-to-be present. His targets were many, he caustic nature of his remarks were blunt. These were not “off the cuff abusive comments,” as the St. Louis Post Dispatch claims. Many American know the back story of this man. He was being quite transparent during his campaign. Disregarding those who held their noses and voted for him , his transparency probably accounts for the voters who flocked to him.

Climbing down the ladder to revisit all the dark horrid places America has evolved beyond is hardly a model to galvanize unity around. As an example, Carl Higbee, a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” SuperPac person, referred to the Japanese Internment camps used for World War II for Japanese-American citizens, as a credible model for responding to the “Muslim threat.” Two Trump loyalists and acknowledged bigots, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, now appointed for top administrative positions, back this approval. Also, this is only one example.

“He is not my president” is the logical and justifiable response and position to take. Those who want to climb down the ladder have their rights, this is a free country. But we are not climbing down again with them. We are may, we are everywhere and we are committed to tolerance, justice and civility.

In peace.

Blu Dux, Koloa

Kauai trash a growing problem

Kudos to Janice Smolenski for taking the time to address an issue that is seriously bothering me as well. Someone, the state, the county, the citizens, must resume cleaning up our roadways. It is not only an image issue, but a safely issue as well.

When we began visiting Kauai 20 years ago, we were impressed with how clean the island was. Now, after living here three years, we have seen the conditions go downhill rapidly. No longer do we see the little vehicle along the roadside picking up the rubbish. Granted, the shoulders do get mowed, but that just scatters the rubbish in smaller pieces.

I heard a visitor remark that “This isn’t the Garden Island; it’s the Garbage Island.” How sad.

Because of its natural beauty, Kauai was recently chosen as one of the six places to visit in the world. Let’s not mar this honor by leaving trash scattered everywhere.

Jan Brookshier, Hanapepe


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