Letters for Oct. 18, 2016

• Hoping one thing will remain after the election • Bettejo, go visit a real dairy and then reconsider

Hoping one thing will remain after the election

Look at the way Obama bad-mouthed Hillary Clinton back in the 2008 primary. Look at how Trump and Cruz battled it in theprimary, even brought their wives into the battle, and now Cruz backs Trump.

Wake up, America. The politicians could care less about you. The jokes on all of us.

Husbands and wives have become estranged over this upcoming presidential election. There are many cases of siblings andbest friends no longer speaking to each other. Right here on Kauai people are destroying Trump signs and in the commentssection to a recent article in TGI titled “Trumped up” are actually justifying this act of vandalism.

I have a friend I haven’t seen in 30 years who pops up on Facebook and says, “Jim (that’s what they called me 30 years ago), Ididn’t know you were a racist?” His assumption is anyone who supports Trump is a racist?

That would be like me saying to him or any Hillary supporter, “Hey, I didn’t know you were a liar and a murderer.”

The 2016 presidential election showed the true colors of many of my friends refusing to associate with me or talk to mebecause of my political agenda. This is not only of truth of me, but as I talk to other Trump supporters I find similar stories.

Many of these people are agnostic or atheists, and support Hillary and yet I never opposed having them as friends eventhough I am a God-fearing man and have different opinions than them.

One person said when the election is over we can be friends again. Really?

I don’t think so. Their actions showed me we were never true friends to begin with.

No matter who wins this election, America has lost. I like to say America has lost her mojo.

No longer should we trust the politician, or even the non-politician to represent us.

We are entering uncharted waters, and to this I am hoping one thing remains: In God we can and must trust!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa

Bettejo, go visit a real dairy and then reconsider

Bettejo Dux’s “Dairy Development would be good development” (TGI, Oct. 13) offers a fairy tale view of industrial dairypractices. She is opposed to continuous land development, a laudable position. However, to promote a fairy tale view of anindustrial dairy because you oppose unrestrained land development is a sadly uninformed way of supporting the dairy’sdevelopment. Can you say “cut off your nose to spite your face”?

I will gladly buy her a one-week visit to an industrial dairy of my choosing with one stipulation: She must stay on the dairy, inproximity to the barns she so cheerily describes in her article, for the entire week. While her description is worthy ofDisneyland tours, the reality is close to hell.

I have little concern she will accept this offer.

Frank Kelly, Koloa


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