Letters for Sept. 24, 2016

• Together, resources can be protected • Government manipulating citizens

Together, resources can be protected

Thank you for publishing the Associated Press article about the war going on in North Dakota over the proposed Dakota Access pipeline and the irrevocable damage it would do to the Standing Rock Sioux homelands as well as the potential damage it could do to the Missouri River and communities served by it.

There are now over 4,000 American Indians, representing 200 Nations, camping on Sioux lands. As I said earlier OHA supports the people, news coverage has been tremendous, and videos of trained guard dogs attacking protesters, women and children alike, as well as the use of pepper spray, both by the oil line workers, have appeared on social media.

What has been done, mainly the bulldozing of a burial ground on the reservation, cannot be undone. But hopefully restoration can take place to some degree and all of us can learn the sacredness of our natural resources and our dependence on them for our very lives. Perhaps together we can become more proactive in protecting them for our children and grandchildren.

Susan Campbell, Kalaheo

Government manipulating citizens

Engineering is a great profession and we need engineers when building a bridge or determining the structural strength ofmaterials. Where we don’t need them is in manipulating our lives and community.

Social engineering is influencing attitudes and behaviors on a large scale to make people in a target population behave in acertain way. We are that target population, folks.

Rather than represent our wishes, the top down government here on Kauai wants to manipulate us into a specific kind oflifestyle. That is not the kind of government our forefathers designed when they created our government “of the people, bythe people, for the people.”

From housing to roads to parks and gun control, our national, state and county governments are manipulating the way welive. For example they want you to walk, ride your bike or take the bus and designed the roads to frustrate you into doingthat.

Public hearings are used to promote their agenda rather than gather information on how they can serve us. But, I will say thisone thing to our government – you are not the boss of me! In fact, I am the boss of you and will vote accordingly. While I stillhave choices — while I still can, I will choose leaders who will represent the people of this community rather than their ownagenda.

Sandi Combs, Kapaa


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