Letters for August 5, 2016

• Ke‘e parking woes hardly a ‘crisis’ • Obama will enlarge Marine reserve

Ke‘e parking woes hardly a ‘crisis’

In response to Allan Parachini’s Kauai Perspective column (TGI, July 31) thank you for your thoughtful remarks regarding the parking at Ke’e beach.

“Crisis” is a word you can apply to Syrian refugees and the Venezuela food shortage.

Not for parking at Ke’e.

I go to Ke’e everyday (on my moped, so I can park) and I see what you are talking about. I don’t see a crisis.

I see people walking to a beach. I see cars parked illegally that have tickets. Then I see the Na Pali Coast.

Where is the crisis, exactly? A shuttle bus will never solve the problem because people rent cars and drive them.

What will happen is this: in two to five years, Google and Uber will have self-driving cars/taxis that will shuttle people to the end of the road and then turn around and pick up more people. No parking required, no shuttle bus.

So often, governments look to solve problems that either don’t really exist or that the free market will solve. We are not Marxist. We don’t need people telling us what to do, when there is a “crisis.”

Let’s put this in perspective, when the outside world is blowing itself up, people are dying and starving and we live in paradise — there is no crisis. Calm down.

Jeff “Gordo” Gordon, Hanalei

Obama will enlarge Marine reserve

Of course, Obama Administration will enlarge Papahanaumokuakea Military reserve, for that is all it is, a place restricted to everyone’s use except the military, which has never cared about environment and tortures whales with sonar technology and dumps their waste everywhere they go.

Most attendees at Lihue meeting on Tuesday missed the point that neither NOAA, OHA, or state have any governance because it is a federal reserve weighted to protecting military activity. The meeting was a dog and pony show. The name of reserve is native to fool people. It is called an environmental reserve to fool people.

Barack Obama makes no decisions, he is just a mouth piece. The military controls Obama, and not the other way around. All the good-hearted passion and sentiment at meeting was for naught. The Great White Father in Washington DC has never honoured any treaty with natives, nor cares what we think.

What happened with the GMO initiatives on Kauai, Maui, Big Island? Does the federal government care? Has no one learned from history? The military agenda was clearly stated at meeting but most people didn’t get it.

Thank you, Keith Robinson, for informing us that the military had planned for war with Japan eight years in advance, as the same banksters funded U.S., Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and China, and they plan war after war. This was the most startling testimony at meeting.

It is time to replace federal rule with home rule.

Ray Songtree, Hanalei


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