Letters for July 6, 2016

Letters for July 6, 2016

Just call The Bus and ask

Regarding H. Tolbe’s letter asking why the empty buses. Now here’s a wild and wacky idea. Try calling The Bus, 246-8110. Ask for Celia or Sonny. Both are authoritative yet personable, and I’m sure you will get a very satisfactory explanation to your searching inquiry.

And when you get it, would you please share the information with the rest of us, as I for one am waiting with bated breath.

Luana Ruggiero


Ask voters for their input, first

Regarding: “Hooser’s survey found one thing: Apathy lives” (TGI, Our View, June 29)

Wouldn’t it be interesting to invite registered voters to submit their names to show they’d be interested in filling out a questionnaire rather than sending out a blanket mailing and hoping for the best. At least the questions would be going to those who are interested and would no doubt generate a higher response, and a stronger data base from which to move forward on the issues. Just sayin’…

Bill Parker


Wealth not a green light to be rude

It’s increasingly apparent to me that money talks, not only talks but sometimes screams. One case in point is the Zuckerberg Wall.

Another is happening in our neighborhood in Kalaheo. For the past two and a half years we’ve been awakened, sometimes at 6:30 a.m. by large trucks passing in front of the house on their way to a worksite at the end of the cul-de-sac. It is scheduled to keep on for another six months at least.

At a neighborhood meeting, the new neighbor said the house he’s building is a “family” home, not a corporate retreat (which is what it looks like), but to be used only several months of the year. He also declared he has a permit but his house extends out over easements and blocks all ocean views formerly enjoyed by a neighbor; now all they can see is a huge house. Their stress level impedes the husband’s recovery from a life-threatening illness.

As many as 17 cars, triple-parked, can be found parked across from our house in a day (that was the count June 28) with more cars parked downhill. Our road is basically destroyed by the trucks, carrying gravel, lava rock and building supplies, which have been seen turning around in our yards, ours included.

It must be nice to have money like the Zuckerbergs and our new “neighbor,” the most un-neighborly person I’ve met, but we who have lived here on the ridge for 20 years or more are having to bear the brunt of their bounty.

Enough is enough!

Susan Campbell



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