Letters for June 11, 2016

Letters for June 11, 2016

America will be great again

In 1869, the Supreme Court ruled unilaterally that a state may not succeed from the union in Texas V. White. And why would you want out anyway? Once Trump takes the Oval Office, America will be great again. It’s for sure about time!

Joseph Lavery


Mainland buses operate differently than on island

In response to Chester Mazurowski’s letter (TGI, June 4), “Reasons behind empty buses.”

What you explained in your letter may be true for the mainland public transportation because their station is not centralized on an island. And their workers travel straight through their destination for eight hours one way.

On Kauai, it doesn’t take eight hours for a driver to travel from point A to point B and back. There’s been many times I’ve seen empty buses with the “No Service” sign on. They travel from east to west and back to station without relieving or a change of driver. The buses I see just drive on through one end, turn around, and drive back without stops for passengers/riders.

Sorry sir, but your reasoning (even with your retired pal) does not hold water on this little island.

Not a complainer, just some good observation and asking why.

Howard Tolbe


‘Build it and they will come’

In a June 6 letter to the editor, Glenn Mickens reminded us once again that more roads are his solution for Kauai traffic woes. He is absolutely right in the short term, but that is a very temporary solution. There are many examples of the failure of road building to solve transportation problems.

LA has been building freeways non-stop for years. For 2016, it is ranked as having the worst traffic in America. Closer to home, Honolulu ranks as the 10th worst traffic city in the U.S. despite having built the hugely expensive H3.

Perhaps the best example is the Piilani Highway on Maui. It was built to solve the traffic problem in Kihei. Today, during rush hour, both Kihei and Piilani traffic move at a snail’s pace.

The problem with building more roads is best summed up in a quote from the movie, Field of Dreams. “Build it and they will come.” More roads bring more people and more cars. We live on an island that cannot support unlimited growth. We should be exploring ways to limit growth, not doing things that lead to faster growth.

Jonathan McRoberts



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