Letters for June 7, 2016

Letters for June 7, 2016

A park would be nice

So the Coco Palms merry-go-round continues on. You know, I sincerely hope the demolition gets completed. But I’d be lying if I didn’t also say that I’m hoping that once everything is torn down, the funding for the rebuild dries up. Then the property sits for another 25 years. By that time, Mother Nature would have done her job by covering over any remains and created something beautiful for Kauai: A natural park that everyone can enjoy!

Steven McMacken


‘The Greatest’ was more than a fighter

With the passing of Muhammad Ali, I am saddened that I have lost my hero and mentor in life, but he will always be in my memory. I was never much interested in his boxing career, but took special note of his refusing to enlist in the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War in1967.

As I hope most of us will remember and our younger generations will take note, Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft evasion and forced to give up his boxing career. He sacrificed his heavyweight championship which he worked so hard to achieve, and risked spending five years in jail, during an era in U.S. history when his action was practically called treason by his detractors. This to me was his real bravery and why he will always be The Greatest in my book. His conviction was later overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1971.

For years I have often quoted one of his famous saying: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” I am wondering, how many of us are willing to give up as much as he gave up, by refusing to be part of any war against humans or any beings on this planet, and by “standing up” to the U.S. government and military decisions?

If not, my hope is that the least each of us can do, is to pay homage to a truly great American by providing service to others with aloha here on Kauai.

Marj Dente


Aloha Oe to Wailua Marina Restaurant

Another icon on the island of Kauai closes its doors. It’s such a sad situation to see all these mom and pop businesses closing due to the high cost of expenses, not enough business or some other type of reason.

The Wailua Marina Restaurant that was operated by the Arashiro family for 48 years will be greatly missed. Their faces, stories and most of all the food that we all look forward to when there’s a party or just to have a family dinner is gone. Gone!

I went to one of their “Last Suppers” the last two weekends the restaurant was opened. It was packed and had a line out the door waiting to get a table. While waiting for tables, a bunch of the patrons were talking amongst themselves questioning as to why the restaurant is closing.

Why only now did everyone try to get in before the restaurant closed?

First of all, if everyone would have patronized the restaurant, not saying on a daily basis, but this wouldn’t have happened.

Secondly, as years go by and being exposed to the salt air, the building just deteriorated in the worst way. Isn’t this a state-owned property? Shouldn’t the upkeep of the premises be kept to lure the visitors and locals alike to want to return? So sad.

Much mahalo to the Arashiro family for all the memories you have given us. You will be greatly missed.

Lisa Camalliri



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