Letters for June 2, 2016

• Best to show compassion for others • Media no friend to Trump • Let’s listen to views of first-time voters

Best to show compassion for others

I’m accustomed to reading nonsense in the letters to TGI — that’s why I read it. But (the May 25) wisdom from Bea Bock about transgendered people is a prizewinner. I suggest that Ms. Bock actually meet some transgendered kids and see what having “whims” really means.

I suggest she learn about their struggles, their suffering and their pain before she blithely spouts her simplistic talking points. She hasn’t done that. I have. One day, perhaps, she will need compassion for one reason or another. I hope she gets more than she shows.

Alan Maislen, West Hartford, Connecticut

Media no friend to Trump

Mr. Pete (TGI Forum, May 30), in all the years I knew you in Kauai, Donald Trump’s name never came up. I am so surprised you know him so well. I guess you don’t get much news in your retirement dream sands in the Philippines.

But on TV in the United States, the press is definitelyl not fawning over Trump. It is totally the opposite. Donald Trump gets nothing but bad press. The bankruptcy issue is just a snippet of the negative press against Trump.

So far there has been approximately 65,000 negative ads about him. Mainstream media is mostly liberal, so they never report on the positive things Donald Trump has done. H

ow ironic you think Ma and PA Kettle are being taken advantage of by mean old Donald Trump and his lavish lifestyle. Or that people’s retirement in Baja were somehow affected by Trump. Was your teacher’s pension affected by this Trump’s bankruptcy? Do you think that Donald Trump is the only company or person that has filed chapter 11? Year to date there has been approximately 2,000 Filings in the U.S.

Carrie Eckert, La Quinta, California, Formally from Kapaa

Let’s listen to views of first-time voters

An “open” mind is a terrible thing to waste. You may recognize my interpretation of that memorable phrase from the campaign by the United Negro College Fund, “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”

The UNCF urges us to consider the contribution potential of the young people who may have been disenfranchised and left out of the college experience.

There is another group of disenfranchised individuals, those that are first-time or first-time-in-a-long-time Republican voters. A full two-thirds of the voters in this year’s Kauai Republican Caucus had never voted Republican before, and they are not your average everyday Republican. They may have strong leanings for a particular presidential candidate (most voted for Trump) but that does not mean that they are party line voters. Their mind is open to other schools of thought.

My experience at the 2016 Hawaii Republican State Convention is that these people cannot be stereotyped — they have “open” minds of their own and they are not afraid to use them. In their ranks are union members and environmentalists; recent graduates and members of AARP; generational Kauaians and transplants from the mainland.

My Republican and Democrat friends, let’s seize this opportunity to include these new voters in our discussions and decisions. Welcome them into the conversation. they are a powerful group that wants to be heard, let’s listen.

Sandra Combs, Kapaa


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