Letters for May 18, 2016

Trumps failing businesses are his strengths Good discussion about Eastside development • Feral pigs doing damage

Trumps failing businesses are his strengths

There’s nothing wrong with failing in a business.You will learn more failing in a business than you will in earning your business degree at most colleges.

My father along with many used to say, “it would be cheaper to give somebody the upstart money to start a business even if the business fails you will learn more in a failing business than you ever would in the class room.”

This brings to point the many making fun of Donald Trump having four business that failed and went into bankruptcies, however never mentions the thousands of successes. The American system of taxation and business is set-up to help failing businesses by being able to file bankruptcy—basically a get of a jail free card. Therefore if eligible, why not apply and legally play the game of business?

Understanding your mistakes is the best way of learning. You cannot teach the wisdom, comprehension and knowledge of someone like Donald J. Trump. You may not be able to read him, he could be bluffing, he could be serious, this is how a good card player and leader should operate. The enemy should never know your next move.

It’s a free country, vote who you want, but remember exercise your right to vote. I will not leave the US if my candidate doesn’t win. I love America no matter who becomes president. I will respect that person, Republican, Democrat or maybe even an Independent. Stay tuned to witness one of the most crazy and far out elections in America history!

God bless America and all candidates running for Potus.

James “Kimo” Rosen


Good discussion about Eastside development

It was a good meeting regarding plans for development on the Eastside. Kauai has wonderful people who are concerned about our Garden Island. Thank you!

One question considered was “What kind of development is good for Kauai?” As one who has fought all developments outside of already existing populated areas, it was good to see many who understand that Kauai is Kauai because of its beauty and nature. Not because of any potential new highways, developments or parking lots!

It was a consensus that we need more parks and maintained common areas in Kapaa. I agree, with one question. How do we pay for them? Our existing parks are not adequate because of budget problems!

On the Mainland, beautiful community parks are largely funded with development fees and requirements for developers to provide. Therein lies the conundrum! No development, no money, no affordable homes for our existing population, problems for our children as they enter the home market, and no new or well-maintained parks!

Simultaneously, there were those who were against the Hokua Place development that is contiguous to already existing homes, a school and it will not adversely affect Kauai’s visual beauty! Yes, traffic is a problem! But the developer has mitigated some of its impact. Fix the traffic problem by cutting the rental car quota in half and provide a suitable mass transportation system! Resorts will find a way to adjust, guaranteed!

Hokua Place is one development we should consider! Perhaps with a beautiful downtown Kapaa Park contribution?

Gordon Oswald


Feral pigs doing damage

For the first time in 26 years of living in Princeville Ag our land is being decimated by feral pigs. Apparently they are also tearing up yards in Princeville proper.

I don’t believe that the property owner on the Mauka side of Kilauea who is feeding hundreds of (or more) pigs is doing any of us any favors starting with their neighbors and working their way down the line in either direction.

Considering contacting pig busters or acquiring a working dog to help manage this situation but for starters would like to see the multitude of pigs right by Kuhio Highway in Kilauea gone.

Petrina Blakely



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