Letters for May 12, 2016

• Spam is a treat in Hawaii • Beware of government • Easy access to birth control

Spam is a treat in Hawaii

Hawaii loves it. Spam! When I was growing up in the countryside of Tennessee, I always thought of Spam as just another food I’m never going to eat, but when we moved to Hawaii, I began to take interest in Spam. “Why does Hawaii love Spam so much? Why is Spam more common in Hawaii?” Those are some of the questions I asked myself. When I have a question, I research.

I found out that Spam is loved worldwide because in 2003 alone, Spam was sold in 41 different countries. It all started as just another canned meat product by the Hormel Foods Corporation. Hormel Foods released this meat into the world in 1937, when they discovered that this was no regular meat.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, America declared war. During World War II, the soldiers needed a food that was full of protein and fat, did not spoil, and was easy to store. That’s when our hero stepped in.

Spam was affordable, and the perfect package of rich protein. Our army boys loved it, and still do. By 2007, Spam had sold its seven billionth can. As the days went by, Spam became even more popular. Everybody knows what Spam is, and everybody loves it. Even a little two-year-old could tell you what Spam is.

As it became more popular, one state stood out. Hawaii consumes more Spam than any other state in America. In fact, Hawaii alone consumes seven million cans of Spam a year. Hawaii, like all the other states, came to love Spam in World War II. “If it served the army so well, why not us?”

Some Hawaiian citizens consider it their main food. Spam and eggs, Spam musabi (Hawaiian treat made with rice, seaweed and especially Spam), and Spam steak.

Throughout Hawaii, it is even nicknamed the “Hawaiian steak.” This tasty treat may be served all around the world, but nothing can compare to the love Hawaiians have shown to this snack. So next time you go to the store, don’t go easy on the Spam!

Ashley Pearl, Kapaa

Beware of government

The Air Force Station that is just behind the lookout has an FAA long-range radar inside that big white dome. It reaches out around 230 miles. There is more radio frequency being emitted by that device than anywhere else on the island except perhaps at the missile range facility. But we don’t go stand near their monster devices.

Beware of Kokee lookout! The government is trying to fry us! They have the same type of device atop Haleakala on Maui.

You have been warned.

Wally Roberts, San Clemente, California

Easy access to birth control

Hawaii has a long history of standing up for expanded reproductive health access, even ensuring access to legal abortion long before Roe Vs Wade. Now, we have the opportunity to blaze the trail again by passing SB 2319, a bill that would make Hawaii the first state to require both public and private insurance companies to fill prescriptions of 12 months of birth control at a time.

Picking up your prescriptions every month or every three months is a huge burden on busy women — especially if you’ve been using the same method for years. SB2319 would allow you to pick up birth control just once a year.

Let’s continue Hawaii’s tradition of leading the nation on essential reproductive healthcare by passing SB 2319 into law. Gov. Ige, I urge you support this important bill. Every women deserves what happens to their bodies that should be their choice nobody else can decide. Women are the ardest workers in Hawaii, so why not give them the respect they deserve?

Troy Abraham, Hilo


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