Letters for April 15, 2016

• Kauai must stand against Trump bullies • No animal behaviorist doing evaluations

Kauai must stand against Trump bullies

The Trump bullies have filled The Garden Island letters page with their vitriol. They embrace their hate, their open bigotry of Muslims is on display for all to see. This is the result of the Trump candidacy. But just because they have “free speech” doesn’t make it right. We must all continue to speak out against the misogynist, racist, anti-American values of Trump and his supporters.

The bullies believe if they get the last word, they are correct. They are not. Hate is not an American value. I appreciate the fact that they are revealing themselves and are taking off the white hoods that they have hid behind in the past. That said, cowards are bullies in a bunch. The majority of Kauai voters will continue to oppose their hate — as we have done in all previous elections.

There is a reason the Republican Party is almost nonexistent in paradise.

One can only hope that the last vestiges of hatred will become extinct on this island, as real Kauaians stand up for the oppressed and no longer bow to the small, loud minority of bullies who continue to show their ignorance on the pages of The Garden Island

Richard Robinson, Koloa

No animal behaviorist doing evaluations

I reviewed a plea online concerning saving a little dog from the Kauai Humane Society. Apparently KHS was going to kill this dog soon because it got excited when it was presented with another dog in a room. The little dog started jumping around and wagging its tail in excitement. Apparently an “animal behaviorist” deemed the dog unsuitable for adoption due to this behavior. Keep in mind there is a person who sincerely wants to adopt this little dog and this person is fully capable of caring for this little life, being denied.

Keep in mind no animal behaviorist works for nor donates time to KHS in these evaluations. Not even a formally trained dog trainer. So when you hear of an animal behaviorist deeming a dog unsuitable at KHS, it’s just someone giving a very amateurish, unprofessional opinion whose probably not very keen on animals, period.

Prevailing KHS management has a rather slippery talent for being able to euthanize animals and very fluidly turning around and take credit for other’s accomplishments in saving the very lives of the animals it (management) wanted to kill.

A legitimate, animal behaviorist is highly educated in that specific subject, degree’d in that specific subject and usually certified in that particular subject. One does not become one from “on the job training.” There are no verified applied animal behaviorist at KHS doing evaluations.

Christopher Schaefer, Kapaa


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