Letters for April 2, 2016

Letters for April 2, 2016

Something seriously wrong with Trump supporters

James “Kimo” Rosen’s article was pure irony. He complains of “hate” and losing friends because he supports Donald Trump. Physician cure thyself.

I love a good political debate with conservatives. We can talk taxes, the role of government, even the wisdom of military ventures.

But Donald Trump is not about politics as usual. He is about hate. If you support him, you support hate; pure and simple. Building walls, oppressing other religions, misogynist statements, overt racism, inciting violence is not the political norm. It is dangerous to our society — it is beyond the pale. It is not aloha. If you support Trump; you might as well get a T-Shirt that says “I’m Stupid.” This is not a person who should be anywhere near the White House.

In the final analysis, his rise in the Republican Party says more about how far we have to go than anything he personally says or does. We all must stand against hate — and if you lose friends because they support hate — they are not worth having as friends. Again, civil debate and a difference of opinion is one thing.

But the hate that comes from Donald Trump is a whole new level of political discourse that the majority of people need to reject en mass.

Richard Robinson


Scenarios cause for concern

I would like to thank Mr. Adler and the Fact Finding committee for a report well done. I had concerns the committee would be tainted by agro. businesses and or lobbyists like a lot of our politicians. I do have some questions so I will be at the April 4 reporting at the Veterans Center from 7-9 p.m. I urge as many concerned citizens as possible to attend. Bring studies, suggestions, questions, and comments regarding the chemical companies.

I also wanted to comment on a recent letter stating it’s not the GMO (genetically modified organisms) that is the problem, it’s the pesticides. Yes, the pesticides are a problem but GMOs can also be one. It depends on the scientific motive.

Case in point, GMO plants that are modified to uptake more pesticides, not a good thing especially if we are consuming them, GMO plants that are modified to not reproduce seeds, a way for the chemical companies to corner the market on seeds, not good, and last a what if. What if the chemical companies were genetically modifying mosquitoes to carry life threatening diseases? Such as dengue fever and the Zinka Virus to name a couple.

They could fly them around the world in their private jets and let them go wherever they choose. Scary thought isn’t it? Then these companies sit back and wait for public pandemonium to break out so they can come running to the rescue with what else, pesticides! Now countries all over the world are begging them to spray entire communities with poison. It’s very evil but possible.

Linda Bothe



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