The 5 oils for hiking or camping

Essential oils are one of my favorite powerful natural healing items. I talked in one of my previous articles about some of the benefits, and a little bit about the history.

Our ancestors knew how to use nature to heal themselves. I think slowly many people now are beginning to look for alternative forms healing, especially where modern medicine fails.

First, let me remind you of some of the benefits of essential oils.

– improve your immune system — clean your home

– personal body and skin care

– cooking

– relaxing and detoxifying — improve digestion

– pain relief

– balance hormone

Essential oils can also be extremely useful when you go hiking or camping. Here are some of my favorites.

First, peppermint oil. This can be used to relieve pain and muscle aches, in can help increase energy and concentration and reduce nausea.

Lavender is great for calming down and relaxing the body. It also helps heal burns, cuts and wounds, and reduces high blood pressure and glance blood sugar level.

If you get bitten by bugs, then German Chamomile will help get the toxicity out of your body. It’s also good as a natural pain relief for migraines, and it reduces stiff muscles and cramping.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and cleanses poison too. You can put it directly on bug or mosquito bites to help detox the poison.

And finally Geranium, which helps to stop bleeding, can be used as an antiseptic, and is also helpful in balancing your emotions.

A small 2ml bottle of each essential oil is so easy to carry with you. Just make sure that when you get home again you store them in a dark and cool place.

There are so many beautiful essential oils on the market. When you choose a brand, just make sure you are choosing a good quality one. Yes, they are expensive, but the main reason for this is that they are so highly concentrated. For example, one pound of lavender oil contains 150 pounds of lavender flowers!

When you start using them more and more you will learn which ones are working best for you.

My next article: Let’s cook with essential oil!


Ayda Ersoy is a nutrition and fitness director at The Diet Doc Hawaii. She can be reached at, or (808) 276-6892


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