Letters for March 28, 2016

• Quilter connects with Mainland buyer • Please get out and vote • County performance in question • Whose Bible version are you reading?

Quilter connects with Mainland buyer

Several years ago I purchased a quilt at Church of the Pacific site for the Kauai Quilt Show. The greens were so vividly Irish that I had to have it for my home.

The artist was Lea Ingram featured in your “Scene” who made a special trip to the church to meet me with some instructions on care. Another Kauai connection for mainlanders who never forget a face.

Sandra J. Abrajano, Chicago

Please get out and vote

Since you asked, I will give you my opinion. There are many complex issues in this election, but there is one simple one that rises far above the rest in importance. The 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court gave mega corporations the ability to pour untold millions into our elections, thereby, in essence, buying their way into control of our political system.

One of the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, is strongly in favor of changing the Citizens United decision. The other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, is substantially supported by the major corporations. Miracles big enough to have her support the demise of the dreaded Citizens United have never happened, not even in biblical times. Not to mention her empty promise to reform her friends on Wall Street. Me? I feel the Bern. We can do this. Vote.

David Dinner, Hanalei

County performance in question

Three birds one stone!

No. 1: We have several council members whose first response to most problems is raise taxes. I feel studying the issues, doing efficiency studies, and looking outside the box might work best. For example, study our bus system. Maybe we could find out why out-of-service buses run empty to the end and back of all routes every two and three hours. This adds up to thousands of empty trips a year. It seems to me to be a waste of time, money and wear-and-tear on our bus system.

No. 2: Why does it take more than a year to repave the highway from Lawai to Puhi?

No. 3: Why isn’t the state providing litter pick-up along the highways? Sometimes more than a month or more goes by between pick-ups with the opala just getting worse and worse. Also, why spray herbicide behind the guardrails but not picking up the opala that is now visible? I actually overheard tourists commenting, saying they should rename the island, “The Garbage Island.”

Just my thoughts.

Charles Moon, Waimea

Whose Bible version are you reading?

This is a response to Ms. Ferraro’s letter of March 22 (TGI) Forum, regarding my letter discussing the need to maintain the separation of church and state, Ms. Ferraro states that the First Amendment was written to keep government out of churches rather than keep churches out of government. She states that the, “country was founded on Christian principles,” and decries the fact that the Bible is no longer, “taught in all schools just as God wanted.” It must be comforting to know for certain what God wanted. I am personally very leery of people who claim to know what God wants.

I have some questions that beg to be asked. Who’s Christian Bible should be taught in public school? There are many different versions with each supporting different interpretation of ancient texts, and some like the Mormons who add a whole additional layer. This is not an insignificant consideration.

The beginning of the First Continental Congress was delayed a whole day because the Congregationalists and the Baptists could not agree on which faith should give the invocation.They compromised by choosing a pastor from a smaller denomination.

More importantly, good Christians have slaughtered other good Christians throughout history because of their different interpretations of the Bible (examples:The Thirty Years War and The St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre).

So, which Christian denomination should establish the curriculum for the Bible class? If the person teaching the class knows what God wants, but that differs from what you know God wants, will that be a problem? Maybe these quandaries partially explain why the Founding Fathers chose to keep churches out of government.

Jonathan McRoberts, Kilauea


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