Letters for March 26, 2016

Letters for March 26, 2016

Who is Bernie Sanders?

That is the question being asked around the state in preparation for the upcoming Presidential Preference Poll happening this Saturday around Hawaii.

In a recent Garden Island newspaper article he was lamely labeled as the anti-GMO candidate. The article stated that for that reason alone people are excited to participate in the upcoming Presidential Preference Poll this Saturday.

To me, and so many other residents around the state, Bernie Sanders stands for so much more.

Sen. Sanders is a United State senator originating from the state of Vermont and was reelected in 2012 with 71 percent of the popular vote in his host state. His political activism dates back to the 60s and the civil rights movement.

Bernie Sanders has taken on numerous strong, clear stances on a wide variety of topics facing Americans both today and in the past. He takes on tough issues ranging the ever-widening gap of income inequality to the clear and present threat of global warming.

Sanders is proving he is looking out for everyone both old and young alike. The Vermont senator also wants to provide free college tuition to those who wish to pursue a higher education, regardless of their family income.

Sen. Sanders has spoken out time and time again about reigning in the corporations ruining our great nation and the planet, in pursuit of profit. Throughout his campaign, he has constantly reinforced those statements by refusing to accept donations from huge corporations, super PACs, and other special interest groups. His average contribution is $27, from millions of individual, working-class people — not from Wall Street or the 1 percent billionaire-class ruling America.

Bernie is a strong advocate for equal pay for both men and women. There is no reason that our female counterparts should be making less than a male. Sanders also believes we should raise the minimum wage to a living wage. He believes that the American working people are working longer hours and bringing home less, and that needs to change.

It is time to activate, mobilize, and join the political revolution that is happening around you. Facebook posts and hitting the “like” button is not good enough anymore. Bernie Sanders is a refreshing breath of truth and honesty in the crooked world of politics and needs our help this Saturday.

Please join me, and many others, today at 12:30 at your precinct location to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders for president. If you are confused and do not know where to go, please check out Hawaiiforbernie.com to find out where to go and for more information!

Dylan Hooser


Student letters a sign of hope

I was very impressed with all the letters to the editor that the students from the Island School wrote the other day (TGI Forum, March 19). It gives me hope for the future that these young people can express their opinions and do so in a cogent manner.

As a long time visitor to Kauai, my love for the island compels me to keep in touch through this forum, and I am happy to see the young people who are raised there get “IT.”

I would love to see this become a regular event , and challenge the other educators on Kauai to get their students reading the paper and having a chance to tell us all how they see things, too.

Jim Eggers

Mead, Wash.


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