Letters for March 13, 2016

Letters for March 13, 2016

Better way than meth to get a real high

“Excellent work” can be said about $1.6 million worth of methamphetamine and dealers which were captured by the Kauai police. “This is the largest amount of crystal methamphetamine that the department has seized in a single incident with the take down of this drug trafficking organization,” said Kauai Police Chief Darryl Perry.

That is a lot of methamphetamine if it was originally designated for a small island like Kauai. That much methamphetamine could have had enough destructive potential to destroy the lives of all Kauai’s students, over time, had it not been intercepted.

I can think of hundreds of ideas of how to get a real high, starting with prayer, a wholesome diet, running along Kauai beaches and up and down trails, diving with sea turtles, reciting native Hawaiian songs in the native Hawaiian language, studying Native Hawaiian history, designing solar panel systems for all of Kauai’s energy needs, helping a neighbor, going to church, studying the stars with only your eyes or binoculars, making advanced genetic models for remission solutions to cancer and autism, dancing hula, working out mathematical solutions to string theory with people like Dr. Brian Greene, saving rare species on Kauai, surf boarding, learning marine solutions to save the coral, whale watching, preparing banquets, learning traditional Hawaiian healing arts and massage, entertaining visitors and tourists, starting a company, play baseball, design and patent state-of-the-art football helmets which prevent concussions, help a meth addict get healed by joining Narcotics Anonymous and other medical services.

Can you think of many more ways to get a real, natural, safe and intelligent high?

Will M. Davis


More signs won’t save people

There we go, folks. A magical “red sign and rope” are going to prevent all the tragedies at Queen’s Bath from happening. Yeah right! You know what that sign is going to do? The same thing that the yellow ones do at the Hanapepe lookout. Which is to keep smart people from possibly dying.

The writer also noted that he would like a county and/or state agency to step in and do something about what’s going on in these dangerous areas of the island. And what would that be exactly? The county or state can’t fix stupid.

The KLA launched the videos that are, from my understanding, played either on the plane or in the baggage claim to warn visitors of the potential hazards that exist here on our island. And a gentleman who lives in Princeville tells visitors regularly during high surf conditions to not go down to Queen’s Bath because it’s dangerous. They go ahead and completely disregard that as well.

So please explain to me what is it that a “red sign and rope” will be able to do that a video and a human being aren’t able to. See, this is the visitor mindset, or at least some of them. They feel that they’ve spent a lot of money to get here, on accommodations and other requirements. So they want to maximize their vacation to the point of “pushing the envelope” at the cost of their lives.

So what should’ve been a pleasurable trip becomes a complete tragedy.

Aaron K. Ellegard Sr.


Voter rationalizations don’t make sense

Several quotes from people attending the Republican caucus are confusing to me. First, two people said they are voting for Cruz because they are “constitutionalists.” Cruz has proven to be one of the most uncompromising members of the Senate. But the Constitution may have never have been created, if it were not for the Connecticut Compromise, also known as the Great Compromise of 1787. It seems to me that people who revere the Constitution should want a leader who is willing to work with others to get things accomplished even if it means making compromises.

Second, two people are quoted saying that they are voting for or against a candidate because of the candidate’s faith. Our Founding Fathers made it clear in the First Amendment to the Constitution that there should be a separation between church and state. I would hope that voters would cast their vote based on a candidate’s policies concerning secular subjects such as finance and foreign policy, as well as personal qualities like leadership and managerial abilities. We have all seen the problems in the world caused when leaders are elected for sectarian reasons.

Jonathan McRoberts



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