Letters for Feb. 25, 2016

• Opinion was disrespectful of president • Manager system would work best • Sexism still alive and well

Opinion was disrespectful of president

I read Steve Martin’s letter to the editor (Tuesday, TGI Forum) — the final letter from Mr. Martin that I’ll ever read. Even

more shocking than the disgraceful and unacceptable disrespect shown to the president, is that fact The Garden Island would publish it at all.

People should act like adults when crafting and submitting letters.

And the editor might consider showing better judgment regarding what to publish or reject.

Kurt Last, Anahola

Manager system would work best

Linda Estes’ usual good perceptions failed her in her Feb. 8 TGI Forum letter.

She says she doesn’t support the county manager system because it is better for the voters to elect the top official. She apparently doesn’t realize that a proposal fort the council-manager system that is likely to be offered will provide for a mayor to be elected by the electorate and become chair of the council which will be the top office for a manager system.

Also, while recognizing the benefits of academic credentials and administrative experience, features of the council-manager system, she suggests Nadine Nakamura could meet those criteria and should be elected mayor.

With all due respect to Ms. Nakamura, an inferior system should not be retained because of one person. If Ms. Nakamura is the best qualified candidate she could be our first manager.

We would be better served with a manager system.

John Cooney, Kapaa

Sexism still alive and well

I encourage people to read a New York Times opinion piece: “Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton”.

It says better than I can that the work and political world are still very much in control of the men … who rarely hire, promote, and pay equally qualified women. Instead, they say things like Bernie Sanders is saying now about Hillary. When men are threatened by strong women, they make personal attacks, deride them, etc. A man is strong, a woman is shrill. A man is passionate, a woman is emotional. A man thinks logically, a woman is irrational, etc. I was upset by the response of Sen. Sanders after Hillary gave a detailed response on her plan to improve the criminal justice system: “You aren’t in the White House yet.” He had no plan it seems.

I have worked in a male dominated field (law) and was the first woman associate and then partner. I tried cases in front of male judges (no women then) and experienced being ignored when the judge refused to even look me in the eyes, respond to me, and would not shake my hand. The first question I was asked when interviewing for my all male law firm job: “How will you take care of your children while you work?” (They were preteens!) Heard a partner say he had a hard time with his female associate because she went home at 6 p.m. every day. When I asked if she actually said she needed to cook dinner, feed her child, he said no! Then he added: “A mother should be home cooking dinner and taking care of the children. I am uncomfortable because she does not do that and I don’t want to as her to stay late.”

Millenial girlfriends: You have no idea what roadblocks you face in your careers and may not even see the subtle ones. Don’t dismiss the most qualified candidate for president: a former secretary of state, a brilliant woman who knows public policy and process, etc. You are being encouraged to think it would be voting for her “just because she is a woman” when in reality, you would be voting for the strongest candidate.

Judith Fernandez, Kapaa


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