Letters for Dec. 23, 2015

• ‘Biggest Loser Bowl’ would prove popular • Here’s why some oppose GMOs

‘Biggest Loser Bowl’ would prove popular

Bowl season is almost here. I have a suggestion for the NCAA: How about adding one more game, in the spirit of holiday giving. Maybe get NBC to sponsor it. Call it the “NBC Biggest Loser Bowl.” To qualify, teams would need to be Division 1 and winless for the season — thus the name “Biggest Loser Bowl.”

Give a pair of winless teams one last chance to end their season on a positive note! (“The Biggest Loser” Trophy would, of course, go to the loser — powerful incentive to make the most of a team’s one last chance at a win.)

Plus … doesn’t the NCAA owe it to the players — especially the seniors — who, while not victorious during the regular season, hung in there all season and gave their all to the game?

Come on! Give the kids one last shot at redemption! I for one would watch it!

David Poppe, Kalaheo

Here’s why some oppose GMOs

This letter is in response to Dr. Richman’s question (TGI letter to the editor, Dec. 20) as to why some people are opposed to GMO.

For myself being opposed to GMO is about the harm being done to our environment which in turn harms living things. The GMO companies are spraying thousands of pounds of experimental pesticide on our island. Pesticide is poison. It kills life and has the ability to alter it.

I have tried to explain this before and you as a doctor must be aware of what these chemicals are possible of. Certain chemicals they experiment, with mimic hormones. These artificial hormones fit into receptor sites in the bodies of humans. Once they are in the receptor site they signal the body to replicate cells.

Under normal conditions, the body is able to shed the excess cells but these chemicals create more than the body is able to remove. This can cause numerous health problems. This is a very simplistic explanation of just one of the problems these chemicals can cause. I am not a scientist, but I do read articles explaining the dangers of GMO.

As far as GMO companies helping to eradicate a deadly disease I am all for it. But let’s not rush into a solution that could cause more problems. Has this birth control method been tested? Does it only cause the mosquitoes to become infertile or can it affect other living things, such as humans, animals or other insects? What is the application process? Is it going to put in our water or sprayed outdoors? Will we be notified of when and where this is going to take place?

The history of these chemical companies is, first priority, rush their products to the market because of monetary gain. Second priority is the health and safety of humans and the environment. I hope this helps you understand why some citizens are worried, very worried.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo


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