Letters for Sept. 25, 2015

• TM can help lower blood pressure

TM can help lower blood pressure

Regarding the article, “Aiming lower to saves lives,” transcendental meditation (TM) is the only meditation technique that the American Heart Association, based on medical research, recommends clinically to lower blood pressure.

Modern science, quantum mechanics, says every bit of matter has a wave and particle nature. Thus, a pharmaceutical pill for blood pressure is a bundle of superimposed frequencies, defined by its wave function. Like this, the TM technique uses a frequency, a wave packet, that heals the body.

The rest from only a few minutes of TM is twice as deep as sleep, and this is how it so effectively rejuvenates the body, and throws off stresses and strains, which may be contributing to high blood pressure.

An ocean diver knows that beneath rough, turbulent surface waves is calmer water down deep. Like this, students of TM experience that their own consciousness is a vast and deep ocean of bliss and that by learning how to dive quickly and easily, they can reach the peacefulness of their own untapped and unbounded self. This is what releases psychosomatic stress which may be causing high blood pressure and all sorts of other diseases.

An Olympic archer pulls the arrow back to its full potential and hits the target, while an amateur archer pulls the arrow back only half way, and never hits his targets. Like this, a TM meditator reaches twice as deep a rejuvenating rest as the average busy person gets in sleep.

TM creates brain coherence, or synchrony, in alpha frequencies which distinguishes it from other forms of mediation. This is another reason the AHA recommends only TM clinically, and not mindfulness or Zen mediation. They just don’t have the large effect size as TM for lowering blood pressure and anxiety. Hit the target!

Will M. Davis, Lihue


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