Letters for Sept. 16, 2015

Letters for Sept. 16, 2015

Entertainment theme could be wholesome

Your commentary in Sunday’s TGI was very accurate and unsettling. How refreshing that while violence and the “three D’s”, as you put it, are what Hollywood thinks wins the ratings game, a film like “War Room” garnered so many viewers; (second place with $11.4 million).

It is time producers took note and brought back “the day” as you put it, when wholesome encouraging fare was the norm and not the exception. Now there is an idea to put on the “War Room Wall.”

Chris Suard


Dumping green waste suddenly difficult

It seems that the county’s Hanalei transfer station is actively trying to discourage green waste with its new “system.” Cars and trucks must line up in long lines to wait the turns, two at a time, at a small Dumpster. Finally arriving at the single Dumpster, people are forced to lift armloads of green waste over a 4-foot high Dumpster wall. It is quite a feat for an old man like me in these record tropical temperatures.

In the meantime, a county worker sits behind the “wheel” of a stationary backhoe watching us, smoking a cigarette. Every 15 minutes he starts up the backhoe and “tramps” the green waste several times, turns off the backhoe and goes back to watch us, probably thinking what fools we are.

What happened to the old system we loved? We all drove down, slid our loads out and were on our way. Hours of operation have been cut way back. Is the county really trying to make green waste deposit as difficult as possible?

Glenn Schot


Game of politics needs a referee

Games have rules. Rules define how to win the game. Some games, like golf, require the players to apply the rules to themselves by using an honor system. When honor doesn’t work, other games require referees and umpires to enforce the rules. In the latter, provisions for challenges to human error have been installed, such as the instant replay rule.

In the game of politics, we are seeing the evolution of the rules with the complaint filed by Laurie Cicotello against James Tokioka regarding untimely reporting of campaign contributions. Cicotello was a supporter of loser Dylan Hooser’s campaign against Tokioka in the 2014 election.

Tokioka won the primary with more than twice the number of votes Hooser garnered. The complaint has resulted in Tokioka admitting guilt and paying a fine. Apparently unsatisfied with the result, Cicotello calls for more in her column in “Other Voices” in this paper. She calls him arrogant and reckless and wants him to show shame for his “crime.” Is it possible that the game loser wants a disqualification of the winner by making the offense a felony?

Tokioka, out of eight political game players accused of untidy accounting, was the only one to agree to take a lie detector test to determine if he had evil intents, and passed.

I wonder if Hooser and Cicotello would be able pass a lie detector test to determine their true motives for their continued press for “fairness and transparency” in politics. Their motives are fairly transparent to me, and I don’t even like or play the game of their choice. Foul!

Nolan Ahn



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