Letters for Aug. 22, 2015

Letters for Aug. 22, 2015

An open letter to Kauai County Councilmembers,

The main reason any incumbent anywhere has ever opposed term limits is an ambition to stay in office indefinitely — regardless of the motive.

If the motive is truly altruistic, than please amend the bill to say that term limits are only repealed for all new councilmembers elected in future, so those in office at the time of repeal will stay term limited.

Such an amendment to the bill would quickly and clearly reveal who is being self-serving and who genuinely believes term limits are bad in principle.

Kauai County Council, please show us your motives and ethics by your votes.


Judah Freed


Democrats will be this country’s downfall

Regarding the author’s love of socialism and call for Bernie Sanders to be our next president (Letters, Aug. 17), perhaps an appropriate response would be: Really!?

Socialism is merely a smoke screen for government control of every aspect of our lives, including how much money you can make, where you can work and how you can work. Sorry John, your big government dream is a disaster!

The now famous bumper sticker that says “If you voted for Obama twice, you’re not intelligent enough to argue with” says volumes. Bernie is even worse! Of course, there’s always the “I stole the White House china and furniture last time around” Hillary who “did not have textual relations with that server” as our leader.

You supported her a few months ago, what happened?

As for the author’s statements that “Banksters” have ruined our lives, let me just say look around. Without banks there would not be a safe place to put your money, home ownership would be impossible for everyone but socialist politicians, and buying a car would require all cash.

Perhaps it’s time for the socialist and communist lovers to come to grips with reality? Democracies, through capitalism, have created the greatest nations on Earth; with fewer poor, far more wealthy, the greatest innovations, and greater freedom than any other form of government. It’s the whittling away of them by our left-leaning “who’s gonna give me the most free stuff” wannabes like Bernie Sanders that causes their downfall.

Gordon Oswald


Veto barking dog repeal

Mahalo to Yukimura, Hooser and Chock.

Your combined effort to amend the barking dog law is greatly appreciated. The “Four Horsemen” (Councilmembers Rapozo, Kagawa, Kualii and Kaneshiro) may not fare so well on Election Day if recent letters are any indication.

Chair Rapozo’s reasoning to repeal a law enjoying a 75 percent success ratio escapes me.

Plus, if both take virtually the same time to process, why not amend? He said those words while none of the four produced a new bill to replace the old. Sounds like the old “cart before the horse.”

Oops! There goes the “horse out the barn door.” Darn! But don’t worry.

Rapozo says a new bill is on its way. Unfortunately, without having one now, our council will be starting from scratch while we have nothing to protect ourselves but the civil court system and that can be expensive for both litigants in time and money.

I find his reasoning sometimes excessively simplistic.

Recent letters to TGI explain how some Kauai dog owners don’t have the “aloha” Mr. Rapozo believes is prevalent among locals here. So while most of us live in the real world, I hope our council resolves this issue promptly.

Only then will we believe the four are acting responsibly and with our best interests in mind.

I hope Mayor Carvalho vetoes this action to repeal the barking dog ordinance, forcing the council to roll up their sleeves and amend what’s necessary.

However, he wants the council to eliminate his term limits, too.


Vince Cosner



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