Letters for August 13, 2015

• Mel, please replace barking dog law • Licensing rule is like abuse• Walter Lewis hits nail on head

Mel, please replace barking dog law

I know the barking dog law has been worn out but one more.

Councilman Rapozo (Mel), I waved signs and walked door-to-door for every one of your campaigns except the last one going back to your mayoral bid.

I think 80 percent of the voters want something in place that replaces the barking dog law.

I trust you because I know and have supported you. Please don’t let us down.

John Glover, Kalaheo

Licensing rule is like abuse

As a child care provider, I’m required to report child abuse and neglect. Because providers cannot find appropriate child care space for working parents serving tourists,the state has lowered the standard for enclosed space, and more important, placed your child “at risk” if your provider counts the lanai as enclosed space. There is noresearch or common sense to support this action.

State licensing child care centers enclosed space at 24 square feet per child is a warehouse abuse. A state agency and child care program engaging in this activity doesn’tknow appropriate early child education and cannot be trusted. They deserve jail time for thousands of children “served.” This is criminal activity.

Brent Cappell, Lihue

Walter Lewis hits nail on head

To the Forum,

I was born on Kauai. I went to school on Kauai. I worked for the state on Kauai for 35 years, and I am a retired government watchdog on Kauai aka a “Nitpicker.”

Over the years, I have watched this wonderful island home of mine deteriorate under one administration after the other. The strong mayor/council form of governmentwith its political appointees, total lack of accountability and qualifications for those being hired or appointed to key positions is broke and has been broken for a longtime.

Our problems, under this old boy system keep proliferating — our roads in disrepair, lack of alternate routes, horrendous traffic problems, proper planning thatmandated infrastructure be put in place before building began was never done, lack of low income housing like more ADUs, a tax system that permanently protectshomestead owners from being taxed out of their homes — a cap or Prop 13, solid waste and on and on.

A breath of fresh air has been proposed by Mr Walter Lewis in his fine column, “Time for a closer look at council/manager system” TGI June 26. I find that Mr Lewis in allhis fine “A Better Kauai” columns has absolutely no ulterior motives (political, running for office, or self-serving) for what he writes other than to expose and change thefaults in our system of government and make them better.

Our current strong mayor/council system is obviously not working or the problems we have accumulated over the years would not be with us today.

He and other government watchdogs have proposed a manager-type system that has experienced, qualified people charged with streamlining and elevating ourgovernment operations. If this manager fails he can be fired unlike the mayor who is in office for four years no matter what his failures might be.

As a local on Kauai, I am completely in favor of trying this manager-type of system that is used so successfully around our nation and I urge everyone, local or transplant,to tell our council to put the issue on the next ballot so we can at least give it a try.

Joe Rosa, Lihue


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