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Letters for July 26, 2015

Letters for July 26, 2015

Keep barking bark ordinance

Question: Barking dogs. If this was a ballot issue (and I think it was) what right has Ross Kagawa or anyone else on the council, to arbitrarily decide to change it? If it wasn’t a ballot issue, this issue was before the public for years before it was voted on and passed! Rightly so!

My husband has been a hunter for the 53 years I have known him. We have four pens in a fenced back yard. For 53 years, no matter what time of the day or night, if our dogs barked, one of us was outside with the water hose soaking all of them. Our dogs were not allowed to bark unless they were at bay while hunting. Our good friend Danny, two blocks away, solved his barking dog problem by putting a wooden facade in front of his pens. If the dogs can’t see what is in the yard, or passing on the street, they don’t bark. We are considerate hunters, considerate dog owners. Let others learn, if need be by paying the fines.

Many people are afraid to speak to neighbors, i.e. hunters, i.e. people with guns. Some dog owners become immediately confrontational when someone asks them to quiet their animals. I have heard some tell the others, “If you don’t like it go back where you came from.” Some, not in as polite language as I use. Some of these dog owners are downright scary. I can speak freely because I am married to “scary.”

We have neighbors, both immediate and further down the road, whose dogs bark and fight for long periods of time with no intervention. I am happy to say, because of the noise ordinance, our immediate neighbor has learned to control most of his dogs and he is very good at scolding them when he is home.

People of Kauai, speak up now. Council members, do not repeal this ordinance. We, the silent neighbors of Kauai, need it. There are bullies out there. Keep that barking dog ordinance in place.

Sandra Makuaole


Some opinions just need a response

In response to a letter from Mark Beeksma of Koloa:

I can guarantee that there are very few who are truly interested in your personal viewpoints on gay marriage or “homosexual activities,” but since you felt the need to share with the community your thoughts on these matters, I cannot help but feel a response is needed.

The Supreme Court has an obligation to the people of this country and the Constitution is severely outdated, so let’s be real here. The only dictators in this country are the corporations and the bankers, whom we all continue to slave for in our incredibly flawed capitalist society. These, however, are only side notes.

You talk about the Bible and sin as though you are knowledgeable on these things, but isn’t standing in judgment of another also sinning? And isn’t all sin the same in the eyes of God? Wouldn’t that put you on equal playing field with these homosexuals? If God is the ultimate judge as you claim, then where is there room for your judgment, or anyone else’s for that matter?

If you were truly familiar with your Bible and the teachings of Jesus, you would know that his message was one of love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and humility. Jesus was a true anarchist in every sense of the word.

He spoke against the corruption of the church, imploring all people to help each other, look out for one another and be loving.

Jesus always stood with the the condemned and the oppressed and I truly believe if he were here today, yours would not be the side he would be standing on.

Just a little food for thought. Remember, every time you point your finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you. I strongly encourage you to re-read the gospels and give some of those Proverbs a try. You clearly still have much to learn, friend.

Carolyn Alcafaras

Haena, Kauai and

Sequim, Washington


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