Letters for July 21, 2015

Letters for July 21, 2015

Please, no lectures on reading history books

Did I really just have to read a letter from a writer telling me to read a few history books who had used Wikipedia as his soul source of research? I have a few thousand dollars in textbooks from the University of Michigan on world religion and they aren’t plagiarized from a single page on the Internet. I don’t care about the subject, but do not insult my intelligence. Next time, look up American Law and then go take the bar.

Joseph Lavery


Humane society pros and cons

I just want to thank Dr. Gregg A. Townsley for his excellent article and generous offer of his services. You have pinpointed the problem with irresponsible pet owners and the overpopulation of both feral animals and domesticated pets.

Common sense tells us that without affordable spay/neuter programs and the people’s willingness to do the right thing, a “no-kill” shelter will never be the norm. The numbers of euthanized animals have always been in question since before Sherry Hoe, continuing through Becky Rhodes and now during Penny Cistaro’s tenure. They have already admitted to using the wrong formula for figuring percentages and apologized. I have participated in catch, neuter and release while my wife was on the board of directors and more recently while living in Hanapepe valley and I know it is not easy.

I also know that continuing to protest and try to give the humane society a black eye does not help with fundraising or recruitment of volunteers.

Once again, thank you Dr. Townsley and Sue Scott, I am sorry I hurt your feelings.

Allan B. White


Kids bring joy, laughs to ‘Alice’


A word that almost describes the magical moments that the children brought to Kauai Community College stage Friday night. Oh my, children at their best, having fun, singing, dancing, playing with the audiences’ minds.

Color and whimsical young artists giving adults a lesson on happiness. Fortunate to see “Alice in Wonderland.”

This weekend brought to you by the Children of Kauai and Hawaii Children’s Theatre.


Ronald Horoshko


Let’s make some good things happen

I want to thank the editors for a splendid Forum, Monday, July 13. Special thanks to George Takai, you speak to all of us. Also, thank you Dr.Townsley. Excellent advise. Kip Goodwin, you are a delight. Articulate. Wise. Love your letters, keep them coming. More and more of us are listening. Now we all must do as George and Gregg — how about the Pope — suggested. Find a way to respond in ways that make the good things happen.

There are times to take to the street and carry a sign. Trust me. Been there. Done that. There are also times to put your mind, your wallet and your body on the line. For every thing there is a season.

Peace and love

Bettejo Dux



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