Letters for July 13, 2015

Letters for July 13, 2015

Some are surfers for life

One of the few places to visit when growing up was a place called “Intas” or Intersection. This was a surf location for many on the Westside of the island where they would come just to relax on a Friday night. They would even camp out overnight, and for some they still do. This beach is located on Highway 50 west to Kekaha, and it is located on the left side driving to Kekaha. It is the last intersection before heading into mana fields where only trees and leaves exist.

This is where many surfers started their surf careers, or dreamed of making it into the Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters held every year on the North Shore of Oahu, Ehukai Beach. If you were from the Westside and graduated from Waimea High School, you can find many surfers there. If you are too young for high school, that is OK too, bodyboarding is also a favorite activity at this beach.

One of the stories that was told about this surf spot was, if you were a surfer, bodysurfing was a thrill for many. It gave a surfer superb looks on both directions left or right. The main thing though, is best time to surf was at sunsets on a Friday nights and all the way into the night. Then they would head home to wherever they came. This was the most exciting time for some growing up in the 1980s.

A lot of people still surf, but I suspect they have busy lives. So surfing is on the back burner. If they do surf, it is someplace else. There is always other new adventures to tackle. This was the whole idea behind watching surfers there. Even if you weren’t a surfer, camping and hanging out at “Intas” was always the favorite for many growing up on the Westside.

What a ride one would reply. And so it was. Until the next swell again, I can’t wait to surf there. This type of activities does bring back some memories and maybe even for some, it was the brighter place to be and to grow up from. I am really into this and no kidding, some are surfers for life.

Dean K. Sabado


Councilmember had conflict of interest

A resolution to overturn Citizens United was pitched to the County Council, but they fumbled the catch.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision declares corporations to be “persons” with respect to speech, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of cash to influence elections. Consequently yours and my vote counts less, and corporations’ and rich people’s vote counts much, much more.

At the insistence of Councilmember Arryl Kaneshiro, the council struck the heart from the resolution, that saying corporate executives are bound by fiduciary laws, with penalties to include personal legal liability, if they do not put profits above the public’s rights and welfare.

This council’s established voting bloc consisting of Mel Rapozo, Ross Kagawa and KipuKai Kualii provide cover for Kaneshiro. Opinion polls show overwhelming opposition to Citizens United, an inconvenient truth dealt with by removing the proviso about opinion polls from the resolution.

Mr. Kaneshiro works at Grove Farm. They lease to Dow, Pioneer and Syngenta, corporations with a clear path to influencing our elections, thanks to Citizens United. He should have been recused, as he was when the council took up a South Shore development plan.

The appearance that Mr. Kaneshiro represented special interests, and his own paycheck, over the interests of his constituency on Kauai who understand the threat Citizens United poses to fair elections and consequent subversion of Democracy in America, is hard to contest.

The will of the people was denied on this one. Score: Corporations doing business on Kauai, 1, Voice of the People, 0.

Kip Goodwin


Wilcox staff among the best

People often ask me, “Should I travel to the Mainland or Honolulu for surgery?” Now I can definitely tell them we have first-class surgeons right here at Wilcox Hospital in Lihue.

This month I saw Dr. Christopher A. Jordan at Wilcox Hospital for a hernia operation. I was greeted by his office nurse, Roxanne , who was very professional and prepared me for my visit with Dr. Jordan. She informed me that Dr. Jordan’s specialty was general surgery and that he has been doing this for 36 years.

She told me that he performs more hernia operations than any other doctor in the Islands. His diploma states he graduated with a medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Dr. Jordan sat me down, explained everything about hernias and told me exactly how he would perform the surgery using the most modern of techniques. When the day came, I was taken to the one-day surgery division of Wilcox Hospital and met with Judy, a very wonderful nurse who was thorough and prepared me for the operation. Jennifer White, M.D. was my anesthesiologist and one shot in the hand put me to sleep for the duration of the surgery. Thatcher McGowun, M.D. assisted in the surgery.

I recovered in 10 days from the operation and am now back to my normal exercise routines of swimming and bike riding. I can not speak more highly of Dr. Jordan and his staff. A big mahalo to them all for the fine treatment afforded me right here on our island of Kauai. No need to travel to the Mainland or Honolulu for medical care.

Richard L. Turner



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