Letters for July 2, 2015

• Ranger set bad example with actions • Guardrails there for a reason • Be vigilant of county operations

Ranger set bad example with actions

When are we going to start treating our children with the respect they have earned? Children and adults alike can earn respect by how they treat others, how they live their life withempathy and compassion for others, and how they approach each situation (good or bad) with kindness in their hearts.

Tuesday night my young daughter was walking her puppy at Poipu Beach Park when she was bullied by a park ranger who yelled at her to leave the park immediately. Nervous, scared,and intimidated by the ranger’s actions, my daughter picked up her puppy and told the ranger she was going to find her parents.

This was viewed by the ranger: as a lack of respect, or “attitude,” so he pursued her and in front of her parents continued to berate her about her attitude as she hid and cried behindher mother!

I was appalled at the behavior and requested that the ranger apologize to my daughter and he refused. I am thankful for the wonderful teaching opportunity it was for my children … Ican only hope the ranger reflected on his behavior and learned something, too!

Respect for elders is important. Respect for children is just as important. Assume the best in everyone you meet, including the children. You may just be wonderfully surprised at theresult.

Chad Pimentel, Kapaa

Guardrails there for a reason

I am very sorry that Ms. Roe suffered an injury while on vacation on Kauai, and that it continues to disrupt her life. The County of Kauai has already created safe spots to view Waimea Canyon. One of these is at the pullout near where she fell, where the guardrail offers both protection and an indication of the potential for danger beyond.

There are also two excellent and highly developed spots with parking and toilet facilities, along with wheelchair access: The official Waimea Canyon lookout at the rim of the canyon and the Kokee Park lookout near the end of the road, which offers views to the west. Visitors may also park at the Pihea Ridge trail at the very end of the road, for a look at the Kalalau Trail.

Guardrails are barriers; and the agility needed to climb over one presents both a choice and an open and obvious hazard for any person making the attempt. Many people on vacation feel an urge to “get a better view” or “go further.” Too many of them get injured in the process and that is always regrettable. However, it is not the fault of the county for failing to pave and fence in every scenic possibility.

Suzan Kelsey Brooks, West Des Moines, Iowa

Be vigilant of county operations

I am glad to see that the concept of a county manager form of government is being investigated by the County Council. The citizens of Kauai, after education and debate on thematter, should be given an opportunity to vote on changing Kauai’s form of government to a county manager.

However, there is an aspect of this form of county government for Kauai that troubles me. Some have called it a move away from our system of checks and balances that wetheoretically now have with our mayor manager council form of government. Supposedly Kauai’s council should be a strong force in scaling back the mayor’s budget to be withinprojected revenues. However, my observations have been that the council has at best had only token scale backs of the mayor’s budget. In other words, except for a little “low hangingfruit” representing on the order of a percent of the mayor’s budget, the council has had little affect on moderating county spending.

The county manager will be hired by the council, report to the council, and essentially serve at the pleasure of the council. This manager will be responsible for submitting a countybudget to the council for their approval. Based on recent county budget history, do we think the council would significantly cut a budget that their manger told them was necessary torun the county? Might this be even a less effective system of checks and balances when it comes to moderating county spending than what we now have? Let the debates begin!

Oh, by the way, as reported in Tuesday’s TGI, the council is already seriously considering higher taxes by raising Kauai’s GET to support increased spending. We should remember thisnext year when it is election time.

Peter Nilsen, Princeville


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