Letters for June 26, 2015

• Wars good at making money for the rich • Guns are the problem

Wars good at making money for the rich

Thank you Garden Island Editors for the column by Georgie Anne Geyer in the Thursday, June 15 Forum.

This endless war madness must stop. Loved “… before you could phone a psychoanalyst to beg him to take a look at …’George, Dick and Don …” That’s Cheney, Rummy and Wolfie.The only thing she forgot to mention was the incredible profits made for some — certainly Halliburton, Bush and Bechtel — in our destructive, disgusting killing machine endeavors.

Wars make the rich richer. The poor dead.

They who involved us in in these horrors should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

Guns are the problem

For over 40 years I have served as a police officer to defend our Constitution including the Second

Amendment relating to “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

And for over 40 years I heard the same characterization about guns, as Stephen Shioi minimized in his letter, that it is nothing more than a tool liken to an inanimate object such as a baseball bat, meat cleaver, tire iron, and car.

Yes, we’ve heard it all before, over, and over again. As a friend said, “America is the only country that addresses gun violence by having more guns.”

This mindset of having more and more guns to reduce gun violence and murders is insane. Unbelievably, the argument by Shioi, that if only one parishioner have been legally armed, lives could have been saved comes right out of the National Rifle Association’s strategic play book.

Guns are the problem, along with the individual. We cannot separate one from the other to justify this insatiable need to own


One thing that I do agree with Shioi was that we need to find our way again, by getting back to moral basics with stricter gun laws.

And we can do that by remembering the 193 victims of mass gun murders from 1999 to present, including the 20 innocent children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Darryl D. Perry, Chief of Police, Veteran, U.S. Navy, Lihue


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