Letters for June 21, 2015

Letters for June 21, 2015

Opposed to plan for waters around Niihau

With time ending tomorrow in which the public testimony for the whale sanctuary ends, I thought it would be good to note, for the unaware, that three pilot programs, each containing a specific action plan, exist to be replicated elsewhere. Two of the plans sound reasonable, but could be done without a full-blown take-over of our coasts, one being “Maui Nui,” which addresses vessel discharge. No need a sanctuary to implement that!

Second is Pilaa on Kauai, which has an issue with coral and seaweed. However, an investment toward a wastewater treatment plant for Hanalei district would work better than a sanctuary designed for whales.

Now comes the scariest of the three, Niihau.

The Niihau action plan describes the specific actions the sanctuary management will take to preserve the unique ecosystem and culture. For years, Robinson has tried not to allow Kauai (others) residents to utilize public water ways, but the high tide mark as well. He unsuccessfully tried to gain control of one mile of ocean, but was denied by the county. Now he gets three miles?

The Niihau action plan has language, and I quote, “The sanctuary would allow managers (him/them), to collect user information around Niihau.” One thought, Homeland Security. The Navy is one of the greatest threat to whales in our ocean.

Shame on NOAA! Niihau is part of Kauai County and we can use it when we want, up to the high tide mark!

Matt Bernabe


The old rules don’t appear to apply in this new world

Regarding June 18 letters in TGI. Yes, vet bills are outrageous! So what? We’re living in a new world where men become women, women become men, being illegal is legal, whites become blacks, gays get married, and the president is dancing as fast as he can.

Here’s the solution. Send an email to the White House, or Clinton Foundation, and ask them to include your dog Kayla as a member of your family and covered under Obamacare! Don’t mention she’s a dog! But if they find out, just tell them forcefully that Kayla identifies as a human! Mention you love Hillary! This is a must! If not, you will not receive a “free” cell phone, food stamps, sensitivity counseling, or a bus ride to the polls. You will, however, still be able to have all of your sick, uneducated, destitute, illegal alien relatives come live with you and enjoy all the benefits of “free” everything courtesy of our new and exciting “amnesty for votes” program!

Also, make sure that in all your correspondence with our new government you use “email only”! This is because if anyone tries to say your dog Kayla doesn’t really identify as a human, or a conservative gets too close to reality, all emails can be erased from the private server with ease. Then you can lie, deny and whine “What difference does it make?” and all your problems will disappear like “poof,” 30,000 emails! This has worked perfectly for our “new” IRS government, so why not you!

Just a thought.

Gordon Oswald



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