Letters for June 16, 2015

Letters for June 16, 2015

Dr. Sims goes viral

I am 99.9 percent assured that never before in the history of Kauai’s, Garden Island newspaper online edition have there been as many recommends and shares for one story. The recommends are so high the counter is now calculating them in terms of ‘k’ (thousands) as of this writing the counter is climbing upwards of 5.0-k. (5,000 recommends and counting.)

Check current recommends and TGI article “I’ve had a fantastic life” by clicking on link below;

Reminder, this is not how many people read the story, but rather how many took the time to hit the recommend button on their computer device. Also note, each computer device is cookied in allowing nobody to hit recommend more than one time and have it count.

The article I speak of is titled, “I’ve had a good life” about beloved local icon, veterinarian, Dr. Scott Sims

Dr. Scott, AKA the barefoot vet, was recently diagnosed with a fatal cancer and just five days prior heard the great news that his Nat Geo Wild reality TV show, “The Aloha vet,” was renewed for a second season where Scott wishes to advocate for quality over quantity of life along with the shows regular format.

If you missed any episode of the Aloha vet, click on the link below, courtesy of Nat Geo Wild:


The write-up by TGI staff writer Brittany Lyte was so well written along with great subject matter, it is no surprise it went viral on the Internet.

With all that kind of love from all over the world acknowledging this man of honor and integrity, I just can’t imagine some kind of miracle for one of Kauai’s most admired and treasured residents.

James “Kimo” Rosen


Kudos to Kathy and Wilcox Hospital

Getting old is not for the meek. My aches and pains came with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and a recommendation of total hip

replacement (THR) surgery. Funny thing about Kauai is that many of the “chronologically gifted” would do anything to avoid having surgery on the island. Stories abound about poor work, wrong legs, forgotten instruments, and rampant infection.

Prudence required research and information of the options before me. The internet is full of information and I find that THR procedures are considered routine and number in the hundreds of thousands per year. My research extended to extensive consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in Ohio, who as a family friend provided an objective view of the choices that lay before me. The biggest choice was Kauai or not Kauai? There are numerous logistics to having a surgery outside of the island where you live, and if all things are equal, it is much easier to do it locally.

After meeting with Dr. Rovinsky and staff for a pre-op, I was convinced that Kauai was the best option for me. Now, two days after being discharged, my conviction is affirmed. I estimate that between pre-op consults, lab tests, surgery and recovery that I have seen at least 35 professionals, every one of which have been absolutely fabulous!

Kathy Clark, retiring this month has done a fantastic job in instilling the AUDET service acronym so that patients are fully informed and a part of the process of recovery.

Too bad she is retiring. Maybe TSA could be made better by this outstanding administrator. And Kauai, take a tip from me. Wilcox is first rate!

Nolan Ahn


Instructors should generate interest in course

Regarding the lack of interest for the Kauai Community College campus newspaper. Who is responsible for that? Personally, it comes down to the instructor/leader.

The current leader/instructor owns the responsibility to recruit students with any means available. Recruiting, being a cheerleader for your class and yes, asking other instructors if you can have five minutes to recruit students from other classes. Maybe you should also visit the ASB office and speak at the next ASB officers meeting for other ideas …. The only means to create a viable course is to advertise and be your own cheerleader.

You must have excitement and enthusiasm for your course. You have to be the recruiter and have the most excitement in your voice when you recruit.

John Paine


Victor Valley Community College/professor retired


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