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Letters for May 31, 2015

Letters for May 31, 2015

One voice, one team, one Kauai

I first came to Kauai in 1965 as a teenager with my parents. We all fell in love with the aloha spirit and returned many times. My wife and I honeymooned here over 30 years ago. Today, I’m 66 and here as a new voter. I’ve been watching the conversation on the county manager idea and I have to say that I’m for it.

The six cities I’ve lived in each had a city manager. They were larger than Kauai, though not by much. And yes, there were politics — until the council voted and the issue was decided. Then the city manager implemented the action. No politics there. Succeed or be replaced.

We are fortunate to have a great mayor with Mayor Carvalho. The next mayor may not have the leadership qualities to manage our beautiful islands. There are no qualifications needed to be mayor except to have the most votes (and often that means the most money).

I support changing the charter so the council and the mayor are on the same team, instead of what sometimes looks like opposing teams. With a county manager, Kauai’s mayor will still represent us, and the council will stand beside her or him. After the council (which includes the mayor) votes and decides an issue, our elected officials will speak with one voice (through the mayor) to the county manager who will have the responsibility to get the job done within budget and on time. A county manager is accountable to the council. The council is accountable to us, the voters.

The shift to a county manager is an important step forward in bringing our council and mayor together so we have leadership as one voice, respectful of differences, grounded in the aloha spirit, in service for the good of Kauai.

Glenn Head


Little impact on traffic from HoKua Place development

I continue to read how traffic will be impacted by the Hokua Development. I’ve been working with the DOT for 15 years to mitigate the traffic problem on the Eastside. I have been instrumental in getting the additional lane on the Wailua Bridge and have been working with DOT on the Kapaa Transportation Solutions project. If you email me I will be happy to email you a copy of the Implementation Plan.

The Hokua Development will hardly affect the growth of traffic on the Eastside. Looking at it differently, the idea that the development is going to cause 1,000 people to move to Kauai because of this project is absurd. Yes, there are numerous homes already for sale here, but what are the prices of these homes? Hopefully young people just out of college or newly married and coming home to Kauai (which we want them to do) instead of moving in with their families may be able to afford an inexpensive townhouse. Those who wish to stifle population growth are dreaming.

Our population is going to grow to matter what we do. That’s historical fact. This project will help the movement of children to school because it is right next to two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. More children in the middle school may even cause a budget increase as to actually hire a music teacher.

As for the cost of public service: police, roads, etc., think of the amount of collected taxes these homes will generate. We are going to need more affordable homes. This development fits into the county plan and will be a controlled necessity for the future of Kauai.

Bob Bartolo


Let’s reach unbiased conclusion regarding Humane Society

I have read the articles concerning Kauai Humane Society Director Cistaro and the movement to remove her from her position at KHS.

The KHS Board backs Director Cistaro “100 percent” citing skewed euthanasia percentages, and considering the high caliber of those making the allegations against Director Cistaro, their backing is of the ‘“right or wrong” variety — predictable because the hiring of Director Cistaro reflects their discretion.

With the board behind Director Cistaro, Director Cistaro will be given the benefit of the doubt and where most would graciously bow out after a disruption of this magnitude, Director Cistaro will not.

I issue a challenge to the KHS board, the County Council and the employees/petitioners who wish to see Director Cistaro vacate her position. The challenge is all of the above meet, select and secure a neutral Mainland Forensic Certified Public Accountant whose mission will be to perform a highly detailed audit/cost analysis of any and all financial records pertaining to both the County of Kauai and Kauai Humane Society as it relates to issues regarding Director Cistaro’s managerial performance as the director of KHS going back four years (for comparative purposes).

All factions concerning this issue should agree to this challenge. Should any faction not agree, I, and all whom pay taxes in Kauai County and donate to KHS, would need to know why not.

This is a public issue about public (our taxes) and donated funds and how they are being used.

Let us end the skewed percentages and “he said, she said” and reach an unbiased conclusion.

Christopher Schaefer



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