Laughing so much is illogical

“Star Trek – Fun with Kirk and Spock – A Parody” by Robb Pearlman, is 64 pages of pure laughs.

For all you original series Star Trek fans, geeks, or those who have just laughed at it, this book is for you (and your friends)! We love Star Trek! Yep, we’re geeks, we own a bookstore, whadya expect?! And if you are like us, we love all of the hokey qualities of the show, too, and this book gladly lampoons them.

Using the primer language format (including the same illustration style and color) as the children’s series “Dick and Jane” makes this book hilarious from the very first page! This book boldly goes where no Star Trek book has gone before! The book references numerous episodes, lovingly poking fun at the series, its characters, and the many dubious situations they find themselves in.

Join Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew as they are facing the Gorn, encountering Khan, fumbling with Tribbles, or visiting with Space Lincoln.

“See the Enterprise. See the Enterprise go boldly. Go go go, Enterprise! Go boldly!” “See Kirk fight. Fight, Kirk, fight!” “Uhuru has one Tribble. Now she has many Tribbles!” “See Spock. See Spock push down his feelings. Down, down, down!” “See Sulu’s sword. Sulu’s sword is sharp!” “See Khan wake up. Khan is cranky!”

This book is not only fun but it can be used as a real primer for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews starting them off right, through the world of Star Trek! As soon as folks walk into our bookstore and see this book, they either laugh right away, or they break out into a big smile; in either case, they have to buy it, either for themselves or a “Trekkie” friend.

Of course, we have one for ourselves.


Ed and Cynthia are owners of The Bookstore in Hanapepe.


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