Letters for May 18, 2015

Letters for May 18, 2015

Band concerts a treasure, as is CKMS director

On Wednesday, May 13, I was a guest at the Chiefess Kamakaheli Middle School band concert at the convention center. Oh what a great pleasure to listen to those sixth, seventh and eighth graders perform. The center was filled with parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends. I thought I was there to listen to Jaslyn Langtad, Joslyn Langtad and Keynan Mateo, but soon realized that it was all 240 band members creating those fantastic sounds that gave me such great listening pleasure.

CKMS has a treasure in Band Director Sarah Tochiki. It was easy to tell how much she loves her students and how much they love her. Every band needs someone like her. Mahalo Sarah Tochiki! Those of you who live on Kauai, get out there and attend these concerts … there was no charge for this one, though I would have gladly paid.

I was just a returning islander (WHS ‘61) and hopefully on one of my future visits, I’ll get a wonderful treat again. Mrs. Tochiki, you are an inspiration to these youngsters, our future leaders. You are creating memories for your students and created a great one for me too!

Even the clanging of the fire alarm toward the end of their performance did not lessen the enjoyment. WTG CKMS!

Wilma Goodwin Dela Cruz

Hacienda Heights, California

Front-page article way out of line

A child molester was honored as good boy on the front page of The Garden Island Newspaper on May 3.

I want to settle the narrative straight in this so-called “tragic ending.”

I am writing this in defense of the voiceless victims of pedophilia and child abuse. The article in question seems to glorify the criminal, disregarding the heinous acts against defenseless children, the real victims of the tragedy. After reading the two-page article, you would think the culprit was the unfortunate hero and the victim at the same time.

However, the article also states, “a deep kind of sadness.” For whom? The voiceless children of such a tragedy? The Garden Island newspaper presents the tear-jerking article obvious to gain sympathy for the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the child victims left in the wake of this nightmare, whose lives will be altered forever, may also be susceptible to suicide. There are some good people and organizations working tirelessly to fight against child abuse such as the National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-422-4453.

Paul Clay


B&Bs deserve deserve fair permitting process

On March 9, many Kauai B&Bs received a letter from the County of Kauai, ordering they cease all operations within two weeks. Not doing so would result in a $10,000 a day fine.

The lack of concern for those who have been put out of business by the county is very disturbing.

This crackdown is nothing short of mean-spirited and is evidence of a local government that is out of control.

How can anyone justify shutting down viable businesses, based solely on the status of a permit that the county cannot provide because they lack the procedures and resources to issue the permit? Totally illogical.

The Department of Planning has known about the existence of these B&Bs for decades without implementing a permit process to allow the B&Bs to be in compliance. When asked why the county would provide only 14 days notice to shut down, Planning Director Michael Dahilig replied, “Do we need to tell somebody that we’re going to do a drug sweep … ?” I had to shake my head in disbelief when reading this comment. If a police department knew about 300 active drug dealers for decades, without doing anything about it, then it would be a strong indictment of the police department’s competence (or incompetence).

Draw your own conclusions about the Kauai County Department of Planning.

A fair and speedy permitting process is required to allow legitimate B&Bs to operate. The County Council should intervene immediately to bring an end to this miscarriage of justice.

David Kamuala



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