Letters for May 8, 2015

• Ad misses mark on ‘right-sized’ systems • Praying? More like preying

Ad misses mark on ‘right-sized’ systems

KIUC ran a full page ad in Thursday’s TGI concerning home rooftop solar array systems. KIUC laid out some of the realities of such PV systems for KIUC customers. In summary, the argument presented in the ad is that homeowners shouldn’t install systems that provide more power than the homeowner uses during daylight hours. They should install “right-sized” systems.

Unfortunately, KIUC’s ad failed to consider a very important recent development. This development is the availability of relatively inexpensive battery backup systems that was just announced last week by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. According to Musk, Tesla’s 10 kwh battery will sell for $3,500. This means that a solar PV system that is sized greater than a home’s daytime needs can provide both daytime and night time power for the home. This greatly reduces dependence on the grid and can greatly reduce a home’s electric energy expense.

An issue with an increasing number of homes installing PV systems that provide most or all of their power is that KIUC will have to eventually charge their PV customers a fee to just be connected to the KIUC grid in order to cover KIUC’s fixed expenses. Of course, this may encourage customers to install systems that enable them to not be connected to the grid. Should such a loss of customer base become significant, it will become a very large issue for KIUC as well as many of the remaining members or customers.

Peter Nilsen, Princeville

Praying? More like preying

There was a recent article in TGI titled, “An island that prays together.”

It was about an interfaith day of prayer, celebrating the National Day of Prayer, however there would be two groups, Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai (IRK) and Kauai Island Ministries (KIM).

The whole purpose of an Interfaith Roundtable is to get people of different faiths together for the same purpose, to pray! Breaking it up into two groups defeats theintention.

Many miracles have transpired due to the power and beauty of prayer. It is disheartening that there are two different organizations hosting the same event at the samelocation on the same day. This is a juvenile example of unity for all faiths coming together.

This appears to be more like an international day of “prey.” We have one religious group not wanting to be with another, so they prey on each other.

Whatever happened to the spiritual and biblical concepts of tolerance and love thy neighbor? My prayer is that the PREYERS unite!

Maybe next year one group? Why not invite the atheists and agnostics, they can put forth positive energies and vibes, close their eyes and wish upon shining stars, too.

My prayer is to stop the judgment and to remember we are all in this together, to death do us part.

God bless.

James ‘Kimo’ Rosen, Kapaa


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