Letters for May 6, 2015

Letters for May 6, 2015

Homeowners, time to unite

Homeowners, have you heard that the County Council will be setting your tax rate in June with three new classifications?

That the increase you have see is nothing.

The recent increase does not reflect the new classes or the new tax rate for the new classes. You can check by calling REAL PROPERTY 241-4224.

Again, putting the Burden on homeowners. Creating more homeless! Rents will go up. Time to unite.

Gino Savalo Henry


Too many outages for my taste

Kauai residents should not continue to accept a third-world power supply from KIUC.

It is obvious given the number of sustained outages over the last year, that:

– Preventative maintenance is inadequate,

– Failover systems and their activation are inadequate, and

– The testing of failover systems is inadequate.

As a result Kauai motorists and citizens have been put at increased risk of injury/death. Operational excellence must be the immediate focus for KIUC.

Denis Orme


More to the bee story

I read TGI’s article on the case I have against Officer Castro.

Everybody has a right to live without fear and Mr. Castro is not above the law. He is not God and has to live within the law as we all do. He is a very well-trained officer and now he pleads ignorance of the law. He knew I was allergic to bees back in 2011, so his statement in court was a lie.

He also said I tried to get him to invest in property, but all he could say was “I don’t remember” when I asked when and where. He seems to have a lot of memories lost, so much so, I thought I was in the wrong courtroom. This case is about why people should be trained and know what they are doing when raising bees.

Bees kill more people in the U.S. than all poisonous snakes combined. Does that mean we get rid of bees? No, it means you respect the law and you take care of your bees. Plus, if your neighbor is allergic, you move your bees.

Life is important and we all have families who need us. Bees are important, but when people are not caring and reckless, this is what happens, you wind up in court.

Castro in no way represents 99 percent of KPD. He is his own person.

For the record I love bees. But they should not be imprisoned for their honey. Mishandling of the bees is what is killing them off. There are people on Kauai who have had bees for decades without any problems who know what they are doing.

Luis Soltren

Wailua Homesteads


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