Third graders sound off on music

Dear Garden Island,

These third graders at Kapaa Elementary want to share their opinion about music in education. After reading three articles stating reasons for and against music programs in schools and learning to play the recorder, the student were asked if all students should learn to play an instrument. This is their honest opinion.

Mrs. Kay Mones

Dear Editor,

I think all schools should play a musical instrument.

“Why?” Well one reason why I think all schools should play a musical instrument is because it is good for your brain and it teaches kids more responsibility. It said this in an article titled, “Every Kid Should Play an Instrument by McGraw-Hill.

Next, some kids have fun. Some build friendships playing musical instruments. Others like the beat of music. It said this in an article titled, “Let Kids Have a Choice” by McGraw-Hill.

Also, Kids who play musical instruments are much more organized, too. But some programs are disappearing like it said in the article I read.

In conclusion, these are my reasons why kids should play musical instruments. So what do you think?



Dear Editor,

I think that there should be more music classes because it helps in other subjects too.

First reason is because it helps you have a better brain and is also helps to be more organized and I need that and other people might need that too.

In the article by McGraw-Hill titled, “Every Kid Should Play an Instrument”, it says that it also helps with math skills.

That would help in some places that I don’t know.

It says that some times it will help in listening skills and I don’t listen a lot so I really need that.

That’s why I think there should be more music classes.



Dear Editor,

I think that schools should have music classes because students would love it and it will be great.

First, I read in an article by McGraw-Hill titled “School Music Programs” that music helps kids in other education. It said it helps in comprehension and math also you can count notes and rhythms when you read music. A second article by Mcgraw-Hill said that kids who played music were more organized.

Another reason that it is good for the brain because it improves memory skills and improves motor skills.

Music also helps us learn the value of teamwork. If we have a chance to play music in a band, it will help us make friends and we will need to work together. If we play music we have to listen to each other learn at the same speed. This improves our listening skills.

In conclusion I think that kids in school should play an instrument.




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